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Side Effects with NEW oxycontin OP



  • Jon, That is great news that there is an award winning compounding pharmacy less than 40 miles from me. Thank you for posting this.
    I contacted my pain doctor about a week after I experienced my pain level go up to a level 7-8 only 6 hours after taking the OP formulation.
    I have been an emotional wreck since hearing his recommendation to switch to Methadone to ensure that I have adequate around the clock pain control. I do not have a problem with Methadone, I have a problem hearing that I am a candidate to take Methadone.
    I have been in some serious denial about possibly not needing to have to take pain medication for the rest of my life when in fact this is quite likely not the case. My spine is a mess and most of the issues are not treatable or treatment is not likely to help much.
    Cheri, I have been told I will be in a ton of pain as well, when we start the transition to Methadone. In fact, he insisted we wait until after the holidays because it will be so rocky.
    It sucks to be one of the folks who this formulation is not working/making sick with multiple porblems. I can only imagine how great is must feel to have the complete opposite experience. I wonder how many people have no problems?
    I will most definitely contact both Purdue and the FDA.

  • Gosh, I didn't realize I hadn't come back to update! At my last posting on October 7th, I was at the beginning of my transition to MsContin and felt like crud. However, I have to say after a drawn out transition, I am now doing AMAZING. I settled in at 100mg MsContin 3 X a day after formerly taking 40mg oxycontin 3X day. At that time, i was up to taking both BT meds a day plus 3 lidoderm patches a day (as I tried to figure out WHY my pain was skyrocketed.)

    Today, I take the morphine only, rarely need a BT (which is a percocet 10/325) and maybe 2 days a week I wear the lidoderm patches.

    Better than that, I have feel incredible. Hubs says the "old Cheri" personality is back - funny, hyper, quick more fog from the oxy. I thought I was in a fog from pain, but I guess the oxy just didn't get along mentally with me very well. I'd never tried any other long acting med, so had no idea that switching to morphine (MsContin) would be this huge of a change.

    Let's see......I also have NO withdrawal symptoms when I am late or even forget a pill. With oxy, if I was less than an hour late taking a dose, I had watery eyes, yawning, etc. I skipped an entire dose of MSC one night and woke up in increased pain, but NO withdrawal symptoms.

    I also have more energy and physically move much faster, as it the overall "speed" of my mental and physical abilities got a jump start. Just crazy - hubs is adjusting. lol He's used to walking at the snail's pace and certainly NOT losing me in a grocery store because I'm moving too fast.

    Anyhoo....this forced switch ended up being a massive blessing in my life. And it's cheaper - $10 a month versusu $40 copay for me, so YAHOO!!

    I hope others who have to transition also have good results. I am still mad they did this and I worry about it more in the future with other meds as well, but for now feel very blessed.

    Take care all,

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  • Wow!! I am truly feeling for everyone going thru this change in oxycontin. I was very glad to read cherish22's last post. I have to agree with her about the use of morphine for pain control. I was taking Vicodin and Ultram at the very beginning of my hurts and when things progressed and this was no longer working my Dr. and I tried varios different pain control methods and the best was the Morphine pump. It took some tweaking and some time but I have been at the same dose for almost a year. I don't forsee any changes soon. I also take Vicodin for BT pain. Again, I am truly feeling for you guys out there having to suffer for the sins of a few. Hang tough littlefish
  • I have been taking Oxycontin 20 mg for just over a year. It worked quite well until the OP version came out. Since then, it gives little or no pain relief and causes many odd symptoms, including the tingling in the shoulders that you mentioned. If Purdue Pharma doesn't remove this drug from the market or make a serious effort to reformulate it, they are walking into a hornet's nest of product liability suits.
  • Wow, I just read this post after asking about a massive headache. I was on Kadian (morphine sulfate)for over a year and it finally just slowly stopped working as well. I didnt want to go on a higher dose so my options were a fentanyl (if i spelled that right) patch or oxycontin and the doc said the patches dont stick well if you are in the sun a lot so to try to oxycontin. I am having a major migraine right now and an upset stomach. Hope this isnt the reason. I was already afraid to try the Oxy because of the bad stuff I had heard about it and now im thinking about sitting down and crying my head is hurting so bad.After reading these posts, Im wishing I had tried something else. Im dreading taking the next dose in 12 hours even though Im not even sure the oxy is whats causing my problem. I shouldve known to check here first. I had been doing great and hadnt even logged in in so long I couldnt remember my user name
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  • CJ Hi & welcome to SH :)

    I wear the Fentanyl patch in the sun a lot and have no issues with it. I also swim a LOT with it on with no issues. The name brand you get does/can depend on how well they stick. I use the name brand Watson and I always cover it with a 4x4 1/2 Tegaderm patch ( clear window like they put over a IV site). I buy my Tegaderm patchs on ebay as they are costly.

    I tried the old Oxy and they did not help me at all.

    Feel free to PM me if you want more info on who I buy my T patches from on ebay if you get the F patch.
    L1 - S2 "gone" useless in 1 way or another. DDD. RA. Bone Spurs. Tons of nerve damage/issues. Stenosis. Both knees replaced. 50 yrs old. I had a great fall (hence my user name) at age 41 and it has been a domino effect every since.
  • Thanks MsHumpty, Its been a little over 2 hours now and i still have a really bad mirgraine which after reading posts, im still not sure the headache is from the Oxy but almost positive this stomach cramping is. I shouldve clarified. Doc said since I swim alot they make not stick as well but that being in the sun alot can cause more of the medicine to be absorbed into the system because of heat and thats what scared me away from them. I may Pm you if thats the route the doc decides to go. Im hoping this headache is just a side effect that will go away but Im dreading having to deal with it. Pain on a regular basis is already hell then having to deal with pain caused from side effects just gets depressing
  • I recently returned to the States after serving 8 1/5 years overseas, with the Army, and was prescribed my "usual" 10 mg Oxycontin in the morning, 20 mg mid-day, and 10 mg in the evening. I picked up my prescription and noticed the pills where a lot bigger than the usual 10 mg tablets that I have been taking for the last 3 years due to multiple service related injuries. The pharmacist told me that the medication is the same, and that it just has another "additive to deter abusers from abusing the drug". At first I thought, "Cool, they finally found a way to weed out the junkies". Not long after taking the medication, I started having stomach aches, and realised that it wasn't working as well as the normal 10 mg tablets that I was taking. What is in the new tablets that causes such an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach? Sorry for not reading the whole topic, but I really want to know why the tablets with "OP" on them are not as effective for my pain, and cause me to have problems with my stomac. Thanks in advance for any help.

  • And to add...I'm about to be 34 y/o. I've had a double disc replacement for my c4 and 5, pending a disc replacment for my L3, Have herniations at my L3/4/5, DDD, Scoliosis, "Flatening of the thoractic spine, which also has a significant degree of twisting", and arthritis of the spine. A lil too much for a soon to be 34 y/o if you ask me, but the Army doc that I was dealing with said, "All of your conditions are perfectly normal for someone that has been in the Army as long as you, and has sustained the same injuries that you have". Yes I have a bit of anger towards the Army medical corps, even though I was once a Combat Medic, for 5 years, prior to changing over to the IT field.
  • Been taking the old tabs for many years, Morphine before that with an inoperable congenital L5 spine defect, so far these new tabs have near done me in, mega sick, shakes, sweating, dizziness, to name a few, every time I get up I get dizzy and near fall over, all seems to be a common problem.
    I thought these tabs were the same thing just made to stop the drug users, problem is they are not even close to being the same, no one ever said they were different, all my doctor said was a small mention of the company making bigger tabs, the chemist said nothing.
    Disappointed they all failed to mention these things are not the same.
    Having also a congenital heart problem sitting here tossing up with calling an ambulance, dam the drug addicts for this, not my fault they give me these things, I can't take morpheme as I'm immune to it, it might as well be water, likely get more from tap water.
    I hope they still make the old tabs, or do I have to go onto some other brand pain killer, so sick of this mess.
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