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Thoracic SCS trial scheduled for 10/19

itsjackieohiitsjackieoh Posts: 111
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:47 AM in Spinal Cord Stimulation
Hi all,
I wanted to be sure to start this thread to get support before, during and after my procedure.
I will keep my progress updated here as I go along. My Pain Management Physician and I have decided to address the most severe of the 2 areas of my back that have damage first and go from there.
Tuesday, the trial will address the disc pain at T 6-7 that radiates around to the from of my body from the impinged nerves.
All of us who have this know that it is just hideous pain. Well, not much of what any of us go through isn't but this just takes my breath away...I fell ike I have broken ribs.
Take good care everyone!



  • Good luck with your trial. I hope you find that you are able to get some good relief.

  • Jackie,

    Please keep us posted I am very interested in your case.

    Good luck,

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  • Hi Jackie..Im undergoing one at the very moment along with a lumbar one..

    Read my Post titled "Tomorrow is my 2 SCS trial date" and this might be helpful or otherwise send me a PM with any questions you may have.
  • part of my process "pre procedure". My head is not in a good place. I hope that this is temporary, it usually is, and seems to be healthy in a way.
    Sometimes when I am having a very emotional time, I think of my kids as infants, and how they cried and then were relaxed.

    So we are in full swing preparation. Lot's of laundry and shopping and asking friends to have sleepovers for a few days.
    Thank you very much for your responses.

    I will most definitely be posting frequently throughout this process.

    Jackie aka, the kleenex queen
  • I have 2 amazing adult children who have been helping me get the house ready for me needing to take it easy for a few days.
    I am just about to take my last of 2 showers with Hibicleans, then place bit of the Lidoderm patches on the injection site. My easy to pull on clothing is stacked up in the closet and I even have folks lined up to walk my dog!
    I am excited at this point. I am happy to know that I thought this through. With the exception of a proposed anterior/posterior revision to the failed PLIF L 4-5, I had been a "yes" person from the moment I was injured in 2007.
    As one of the folks who posts frequently in this topic mentioned in someone else's thread, even if this doesn't work, at least I will have tried it, and won't wonder, "what if" any longer.
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  • I arrived at my Pain Doctor's office ready to go for the trial.

    The moment I was settled in face down on the table I knew that my body would not tolerate being in that position for at least an hour without sedation/medication.

    I experienced high pain levels during the 2 caudal ESI's that I had under sedation. I am in no shape to do an in office trial. Here's to knowing my body :B
  • I know it can be tough to wait things like this out, then have to wait again.

    I hope they can get you in soon.
  • I am sorry to hear that you were unable to have the trial yesterday.

    I can absolutely relate in being unable to remain positioned on your stomach for an hour or more, without necessary sedation and pain medication to keep you comfortable. When I get my nerve blocks and injections in my lumbar, SI joints and coccyx areas... I need adequate sedation and pain medication to get me through the 1/2 hour procedure. This is due to the pain I get in my thoracic area when laying on my stomach.

    A hospital setting will be good for you, when you have this procedure done. Should you need extra pain relief, your IV is in place and I am quite sure your doctor will get you as comfortable as possible.

    There are several Spine-health members following your thoracic SCS trial and I hope you find extra relief during the trial.

    Please keep us posted with when you have your next appointment set up.

    Wishing you less pain,

  • Hopefully your pm can get you in a comfortable position and figure out a way to get this done, hopefuly you will get good news about the 2 trial very soon. stay intouch best of wishs Rosemary
  • We did not have to wait long for this to be re scheduled. This is a tremendous relief.

    It is truly a gift to be able to have access to this community here at Spine-health!

    During this time, I have read many threads in this topic as well as in the Thoracic Pain topic. Doing this has helped me to feel more empowered, and less fragile.

    I am so curious how this trial will go.

    Take care everyone


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