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Thoracic SCS trial scheduled for 10/19



  • I know very little about SCSs, but it sounds to me like your trial is going well.
    I really hope that they will be able to add more programs and that each one will give you pain relief.

    Take it easy and allow your body to settle down ready for the next onslaught! >:D<
  • We went to get 2 more settings and my Pain Doctor said he would like to remove leads tomorrow at noon. I am going to do the best that I am able to achieve some relief through the really bad soreness.
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  • Jackie,

    So after all this. Do you feel that you will get the permanent SCS? I hope the trial is deemed a success! :)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Im so pleased for you Jackie that it seems to have worked for you.

    I hope they are able to do it permanently for you soon.x
  • yipes...cannot feel the stim at all...
    Oh how I want to say YES to this!
    This spiney needs to rest well, so that I can experiment more in the morning. Maybe I can ask for one more day. My doctor said the longer we leave this in the more chance for infection.

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  • your plugged in, made sure youheld the 2 devices togather when upping the amps. MY med rep told me I could call 24/7 they should have a phone # you acn call in you booklet, if its medtronic you can go th their web site if you dont have the phone #. Call NOW dont wait, im sure its and easy fix, thats what the reps are ther for. If its med tronic I can give you my reps # or their hotline. Rose
  • I am not able to sync the Rosemary you were right. Just after I posted I realized the unit was off...
  • The rep gave me a group with all 4 of the programs in it. This is a great option. I can set each program within the group then turn the group on.

    Since these leads are coming out at noon today, I am experimenting with every position and doing tasks that cause pain.

    Thanks for the very helpful input and support!

    Jackie "O" (named after the one and only)

  • to discuss placement for the thoracic leads. My pain doctor thinks that the paddle leads are necessary for the thoracic implant.

    I am so glad I had the trial done, even though it is not a straight forward yes or no as far as permanent implant(s) yet.

    As far as this thread goes, It makes sense to me to start a new one as I continue with on with this process. It will be a while before I know more about permanent implants.

  • Pm that it reduced my pain by at least 70% if not more, told him HOw in those 3 short days I found the life I once had. So he set me up the the NS and they gave me the date for the perm scs. DIdnt that feel great being able to play with your dog? Mine are my babies also, we have 7 Melda, a schnoodle, Jazz a min schnauzer, schmooze, Izzabella, and daisy min poodles. I cant wait for mu permant one. I liell have lumbar and a pns (percantainious neuro stem) placed directly across L4/5, so lower back and mid back and legs. How soon until you see the ns, I told mine I would take any cancelations, they got me in 2 weeks earlier, I fugured Id have to wait 2 or 3 more weeks but they got the approval...actually the surgery center submitted also and it was approved YAAA. I went to get my gloucose test strips, and the fellow I always talk too has back problems also and wears a tenz 24 -7, epidurals, adn he doesnt want fused either, so I sold him on SCS gave him the web sites and the # of my pm and that he would need a referal, you should have seen the light in his eyes when I told him about my scs trial. Maybe when I get my life back I should be a rep,lol. HOpe they get you in soon so we can continue this forward movement togather. Have a great day! I need to go take a nap and get out of this pain. Rosemary
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