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Thecal Pressure symptoms/ Lumbar stenosis?

happyHBmomhhappyHBmom Posts: 2,068
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:48 AM in Spinal Stenosis
Hey, I was wondering if others who have been battling this longer than I have could share the symptoms they have due to thecal pressure due to lumbar stenosis? Specifically, I am wondering if a few things should be considered signs that I'm overdoing it.

I can really feel things getting worse and I'm so glad surgery is in 4 weeks. I hope I do not have too much permanent nerve damage!



  • happyHB, the main symptom of lumbar stenosis, from what I've learned (talking to my doctor and my own experience with it) is a mixture of low back pain (mainly a deep, squeezing ache) and leg symptoms. With so many things going on in my low back, it's hard to tell at times what is causing what, but I'm pretty sure my leg symptoms are from the stenosis.

    Typically, it starts with a feeling of weakness and fatigue in the legs and this progresses with any kind of sustained activity such as walking, or even just standing. The pain and weakness can increase quickly, and is made worse by carrying, lifting or any other kind of straining movement. You'll find that you keep wanting to sit or lie down, or, if you're outdoors, find things to lean against to obtain relief. When I'm out shopping I always have to use a cart to lean on, and if I'm in a Starbucks or wherever I often find myself leaning against a wall or squatting against the counter for a few moments for a little temporary relief. It can get a little embarrassing! The leg pain and fatigue can become overwhelming quite rapidly, and I find that medication, at least the medication I'm on, does little to help.

    Of course, if you have pressure on the thecal sac, you may also have radiating pain due to the nerve compression. I get a lot of strange sensations in my legs, such as sudden burning and tingling or feeling like someone is scraping my legs with knives. I think this is more due to peripheral neuropathy than the stenosis, though.

    Good luck with your surgery!

  • My stenosis is atypical, I can walk but can't stand or sit. Nobody can explain it ;) I tend to get the weakness you describe in my back and abdominal muscles- I sit, then after about 5 mintues, they start feeling tired, like they can't support me anymore. Then I get a sharp pain, then burning, tingling, and numbness. Mostly on the right, so I always sit listing to the right.

    But mostly, I'm having some increased numbness especially in the L1/L2 and caudal area, and jumpy, twitchy feelings, as well as kind of an overall raw feeling. I have kind of decided it was a sign I'd overdone it and caused some inflammation in the area and should take it easier (which apparently means do absolutely nothing for 3 weeks 4 day).

    Doesn't do for me to actually damage nerves this close to surgery! I'd be running to my doctor, but of course he knows I have a big chunk of bone rubbing on my spinal cord, and 3 weeks is the soonest he can get it out. I am not sure what would happen if things got much worse before then, I'd rather not go there :(
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  • comes on rapidly after not walking very far or standing for long, with of course that awfull deep pain. i then need to lay down, to get any releif.

    if i walked too far for me (which isnt very far) i then canott stride as normal , i can only very slowly shuffle, moving my feet a couple inches, then i cant move at all

    very embarrising

  • I've managed to cut back my activity to the point where I am getting very few symptoms right now, but it's a ridiculous state to be in, I am doing almost nothing! I'm just hoping to avoid any unnecessary nerve damage before my surgery.

    Do any of you ever start to feel kind of numb through your midsection, or twitchy?
  • Sorry to hear that, happyHBmom. I hope your surgery fixes things for you, or at least makes them better.

    I haven't had numbness in my midsection, at least, not that I've noticed. I have a lot of twitches, tremors, jolts and other assorted strange sensations, though. The last few nights in particular, I've felt like there was some kind of little animal inside me and bashing at me with a mini baseball bat in an attempt to get out. I think it might be related to the neuropathy for me, as I started having the burning feeling on my left leg again (haven't had that for a while). Weird stuff!
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  • The midsection numbness really freaked me out. I was also at the same time having a lot of issues with my left leg and between the two of them decided to stop doing anything that aggravated my back before surgery.

    So now I'm anxious and bored, not a good combination!
  • to go now, then you will be able to start the process of healing
    i dont have numbness in my midsection, but today i9 have a vice like grip which feels like its compressing deep inside
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