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scs and sleep

backpainzzbbackpainzz Posts: 116
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:48 AM in Spinal Cord Stimulation
My Permanant scs will be in place tomorrow, keep me in your thoughts and prayers. up untilnow I must ue 1-1/2 ambian, just to sleep 4 hours and avitan/with hydro 10/325 to sleep or the pain just wont let me sleep last week I was out ad I didnt sleep, Phenergan just made me drowsey, Im hoping I can get off ativan, and ambian to sleep like a normal person does this ever happen or do all you scs's able to sleep 8 hours and feel refreshed? Im heading for my daily nap, taking and ambian and a jalf and a 1/4 ativanand 1/2 hydro. My Pm said use melatonin, it did nothing for me but it may for the average bear. so tomorrow is my big day at 10;30am Indiana time, I hope my life will change for the better. Rose


  • Do take care!
  • of the many things that you find improved in your life after your permanent implant tomorrow.
    I have been thinking of you so much lately and will continue to throughout your process of getting the implant, while you heal and are discovering all the changes occurring for you.
    Your friend in California,
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  • Initially most find it difficult to sleep with the SCS turned on. Some just turn it down and let it operate in the background. Especially early on they can be positional, so changing position in bed can wake you up by an increase in stimulation. I tried sleeping with mine off, but the pain would wake me up in no time. Then I tried having it lower for sleeping and that worked well. Now I don't turn it down, since mine is cervical, I can adjust it by my body/head position very easily. Since the SCS helps your body to kick in the endorphin factory, it does help me sleep better and have a better quality of sleep. From time to time I will only need some Melatonin or some Benadryl to really get some sleep.

    Good luck with your implant surgery in the morning. It is an exciting new chapter in your life. I really hope it works well for you.

  • Is correct, I find that with my set to a low level it helps my sleep. With it off, I toss and turn all night.

    With it on low I can usually sleep till between 3 & 5 am. I stay in bed and just get what remaining sleep I can. If I get up Shadow is up and then he wants out, etc, etc;

    I was on Ambien till about a month ago, I gave up on it. I spent a few nights of restless sleep and returned to baseline where the SCS helps.

    I find that for me Ambien works for 1-2 weeks at most then the does has to be increased, headaches follow and then increased depression, so it is not a good med for me.

    I take Pamelor at bedtime and Lamictal in the morning. I am Bi-polar type II and this combo along with flexeril and a few Valium is doing OK. Though I would dearly love to get those last couple hours of sleep in...

    I do use Benedryl and melatonin from time to time.
  • Today is your BIG day Rose!
    I want to wish you the very best and hope this changes your life for the better.
    Anything that reduces our pain is a wonderful thing isn't it?

    Very best of luck to you. We all will be waiting to hear back from you.

    Cheers :H
    Patsy W
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  • :D Well its finally in, TG. I have been waiting for so long to get this. I was awake...totaly cohearant for the whole thing, 2 mg Versaid, whisl the Pm placed the leads and the medtronic reps made sure those were covering the areas, The only REAL pain was when he was placing the PNC Through the Scar tissue from L4- S1, tough skin and I guess Im a tough old B&*^h, every now and then the anathesologist would push alittle Profanal? white stuff, as it went in my iv in my wrist it burnt like the dickens. I never did feel the NS make the 7" incesion inn my spine or the 3" for the IPG, I could feel him tugging at the stitches and I could just barly feel the staples. I asked both my PM and NS sepertly about future back surgeries, GOd forbid I need one... and the PM said when they do they usualy just leave the lead in and turn the stem back on. The NS said Yes I could still have a fusion or back surgery. My Medtronic rep was in the room and she said,people sometimes have 1 or more surgerys and still end up with a scs, and many times, they'ed been better off just getting a scs first. I really liked the bedside manner of both surgeons both shook my hand and said best of luck to me on my new life, and They would be there if I ever needed them in the future. Im so glad in its finally in. The Rep did tell me that they (GOV) were wanting to eliminate SCS and just push pills... Big money for the drug co. and finding a doctor that RX pain meds are hard to find, my Pm doesnt he only does injections, and epidurals, and of course SCS...So if you thinking on getting one I.d not waist any time or youo might not get one... Just my openion, I'm in no way telling peole to rush out and get one, but do your homework and talk to your doctors and most of all follow your heart and instintcs, they wont lead you wrong. I appoligize in avance if I in anyway offended anyone. Rose... BTW,we at ate cracker barrell restraunt, then I came home and trimmed my daughters hair, had supper, and went to bed. This Buzz is like a new drug, it feels so good to have it BACK AND ITS ALL MINE :D <:P =D>
  • Glad to hear things are going so well! Good for you!
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