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You guys are great - thank you to the Moderator of this forum!!!

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All your posts have been so helpful to me and i really appreciate it. I've actually taken a lot of your feedback with me to the doctors today.

Here is an update:
Doctor 1 - who did my laminectomy still feels a two tier fusion will help both my back and leg pain and stabilize my spine. He said he will go in and get all the junk off the nerves and it will help me move on. He said the recovery is around 4 months until i get back to full activity - 6 months. I like the doctor as a surgeon but his bedside manner is something to be desired. Not sure about this. His PA is whom i deal with most and she is leaving him to go to another doctor. Doctor 1 has pulled 2 disappearing acts on me in the past and her departure may be a red flag.

Doctor 2 - he did an X ray today and said my spine is not unstable. after an hour with him, he convinced me i should have a discogram. Then they can determine which disk(s) are giving me the problem L5/S1 or L5/L4 or both. He said it was painful but that if i want to get the best picture before i make a decision - SCS or fusion - the discogram would give us the best information. He is a SCS guy and thinks that will help me most.

I also made an appointment with another doctor in Houston who is highly regarded. I found him on a top 50 spine doctors acticle and checked out his credentials - looks like a real spine expert. I am going to bring my full history and doing the doctor circuit along with MRI's etc... and get his opinion. The more information the better at this point.

So i am going to do a discogram before i make any decision. I just wanted to say that you all have been a great help. I've never done chat room/blog stuff before but this has been a great experience for me. I will keep you posted.

If any of you have had a discogram before please let me know what to expect. It doesnt sound fun, but i cant imagine it can hurt any more than i am already hurting.


  • You need to send a message to Angela Talley. She has an awesome surgeon in TX. She traveled from out of state to see him. You can find her posts in the thoracic section.

    Unfortunately I've been in your shoes. It's amazing how two doctors can look at the same test results and have such opposite approaches. But it happens.
  • Just curious was your x- ray today a flexion extension set or a basic straight x -ray views?

    I have never had to have a discogram- my NS doesn't recomend them as they can do more harm than good (to the discs). I have heard that they can really "light" up you nerve pain. I hope that you have it under some sedation.

    Good luck & feel better :)

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  • I'm glad that we have been a great resource for you. These decisions you have to make, can't be made on a whim or just out of desperation. I'm really glad that you have been able to see the different docs and get two different views on your condition. Any and all procedures will have a controversial view. The thing I rely on is that inner intuitive voice. If it is telling me that something isn't right, then I have learned to listen. I've not gone through a discogram but like many others have heard that they are painful. I think it's great that the doc who is recommending the SCS is willing to go through the effort to make certain he is advising you as to the right course of action. Keep us posted as to your progress with testing and if you decide to go with either surgery or an SCS.

    Thanks again for the nice comments. Dave and I only want to do what we can to help others become better informed. I have surfed the web for SCS information sharing, and by far, Spine Health has the most consistent and most down to Earth SCS forum.

    Best wishes

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