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worried please help



  • Welcome to Spine-Health.

    It's really too early in your recovery to know whether it has failed or not. Failure means that you don't fuse and it can take many, many months to fuse. For example, when they take x-rays at three months, they hope to see the "start" of fusion, just a little white on the x-ray. So don't yet worry about a failed fusion.

    Dizzyness could be coming from your meds or a host of other things, as well as the headaches. Also, the muscle spasms after an ACDF can last quite a while and is normal.

    Please follow your surgeon's instructions and rest, rest COMPLETELY, for a week to see if your symptoms subside. Then call the surgeon if you're still worried, like he said. At this point, your PCP shouldn't be in the picture - your surgeon is the one that needs to care for you while you're in recovery.

    If you're hauling in groceries, doing laundry, vacuuming and other household chores, even cleaning the kitchen and loading and unloading the dishwasher, then you're not following your restrictions - no BLT (bending, lifting, twisting).

    You have to take an active part in your recovery by following the restrictions set forth by your surgeon, even though I know it's difficult on the rest of the family. But if you don't follow your restrictions, you're risking surgery failure. Your body is working very hard to recover and needs your help by resting and only walking. And that's it. So be your own best friend and follow your restrictions to give your cervical spine the best opportunity to heal.

    Take care, Silty.
  • RangerRRanger on da rangePosts: 1,033
    hi silty,
    Please take Cathie's post seriously, I found out from personal experience that you must follow Dr's orders and restrictions. My worst fear was to go back to the surgeons and say I messed up their work and ask them to fix my mistake.

    take care,
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  • Thank You for all your kindness. I was really never given any restrictions. The discharge paper work just said nothing heavier than a gallon of milk for first 2 weeks then nothing over 20lbs for 4 weeks. Other than that the surgeon never said anything even at my 6 week post op.

    I also suffer fron anxiety which may be causing my dizziness or the valium I started using again. I hate to put it off to anxiety that is what my primary care did for 2 years when I complained about my neck hurting, both arms being numb and then both calves being numb for 7 months. He told me it was tension and live with it until it gets worse, well then one sunday morning I woke up to complete numbness waist down and barely able to walk. I blame him for me having to go thru this and he is often quick to write my aliments off to "anxiety".

    I am taking all the great advice and I am just loafing. My husband is back to lugging groceries and laundry and I am just resting.

    Im also stressing about finishing my xmas shopping I think That is what caused this too much walking and I really start to limp bad.

    Thank You all again..I am so lucky to have found this great support.
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