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New to forums.....old pro at all.this!

painalways05ppainalways05 Posts: 1
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:49 AM in New Member Introductions
My name is Teresa, I'm 35 yo, have 3 children, and I have suffered with chronic pain for the past 5 yrs. I'm here basically for the opportunity to share with others what I can only imagine are VERY similar circumstances to a vast majority of the people that are also utilizing this forum. Since '05 I have been in constant pain due to complications of DDD. I got the run around for a long time b/c of my age at the inception of all of this. I was brushed off, my pain being dismissed and ridiculed-by the drs and specialusts. I was, as they put it, 'too young' to be experiencing the symptoms that I, in fact, was. A year later after MRI'S, CAT scans, myelogram CAT scans-painful as all get out-, EMG tests to rule out carpal tunnel syndrome, finally-I was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis, and ended up with a cervical foraminotomy. Painful, but seemed to alleviate quite a few of the issued I had prior. This, I might add, was also only after chiropractic, physical therapy, meds, heat, light duty position at work. Have surgery, go back to work after post op physical therapy, and start experiencing low back and leg pain. At first, figured it wad primarily due to the fact that the job I returned to was a packaging/shipping position, and that required 5 8 hour days of constant standing, twisting, lifting, you get the idea.....after 3 wks of nonstop pain, tingling, an general malaise, I saw my PCP, who ordered an MRI, and lo and behold, lumbar herniations. Screwed around with dr who performed neck surgery, and he wasn't interested in helping me. Went back to PCP and haggled for more than a few months, finally referred to a different orthopaedic specialist who took one look at my MRI, months old by now, and told me I needed back surgery, and that he couldnt believe they let me go in pain for as long as they had, for two are more likely to develop permanent nerve damage, and the diagnosis was finally in!!! DDD, sciatica, spinal stenosis, osteophytes, thoracic arthritis, facet joint disease, chronic pain, and moderate clinical depression.2006, cervical foraminotomy, 2008, microdecompression and microdiscectomy. August 208, pain returned in neck around low back surgery, back surgery lasted maybe 5 mths. Referred to pain management, lumbar epidurals, 3 spinal fluid leaks, epidural hematoma in spinal fluid, tens unit prescribed, med change and increase. October 2009 SCS implant trial lumbar to determine worth of pain relief, SCS implant January 2010. Still undergoing treatment, have had cervical medial branch blocks recently, only served to exacerbate pain and aggravate me. Next step? Don't know just yet. Right now just trying to get through the days the best way I know how. Wanted to share/listen to people 'like' me.



  • hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. you have certainly been through alot and deserve some peace of mind.. i hope that being on the forum, and finding like minded people will help you with this! please have a good look around and make yourself at home! we have a "Cervical" forum you should stop by for more information.. good luck to you! know that you have come to a place where there are lots of us to listen and share with you! Jenny :)
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