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Trying to recover from a double laminectomy, help its been 8 weeks

pamjoeppamjoe Posts: 3
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:49 AM in Recovering from Surgery
I had L5 - S1 double laminectomy on Oct. 25. I am still unable to get through the night without gettin up for pain medication. I have had 3 weeks of PT which dosen't seem to be helping at all. For 3 years I had nerve pain down my right right side from my hips to my feet. I'm still having the same pain, but not quite all the way down to my feet. I thought at this point I would be feeling better. I do alot of walking during the day with my job, and alot of climbing in and out of my truck. How long is the recovery from this it's definately not a 4 to 6 weeks healing time that my orthopedic specialist lead me to believe.


  • Hi--I also had a laminectomy, in addition to several other things. I believe recovery has a lot to do with the type of surgery you had. If it was a minimally invasive procedure where muscles and ligaments were not cut, then the healing process is faster. If it was conventional where more bone was removed and muscles cut through, etc. then the recovery is longer and more painful.

    Since you are active and climbing in and out of your truck, you aren't able to rest the area. Do you wear a brace or back support? Talk to your doc about a pain patch or lidoderm patches. They can take the edge off, especially if muscles were involved.

    Good luck
  • My recovery has not been going as planned. It was done with the idea of relieving severe pain in my lower back, left hip, and left leg to foot. After surgery I noticed my left hip and leg were much better, but within two days of coming home I was back in the hospital with horrible pain in my lower back and right leg to knee. After IV treatment with steroids and pain meds it improved a great deal so after three days in the hospital I came home again. The pain when I first came home was confined to lower back, but with the passage of a few days it was back in my right leg to foot and still is there.

    The pain now is not off the charts as it was when I was taken by ambulance to the hospital after surgery crying with every slight movement. It's more like the normal chronic pain I had prior to surgery with pain medication except now I am on stronger pain meds.

    I am pretty nervous about what is going on and what the outcome maybe as now it's hard to sit or stand or get out of bed. I have a nurse, a physical therapist, and a occupational therapist coming to my home twice a week. The occupational therapist helps me take a shower because they say I'm a fall risk, which I guess is true to some degree as it's very difficult to shower without assistance.

    If anyone can give me any ideas if this is something that they can relate to, or maybe have been through I would appreciate any input you might have.

    Thanks and Happy New Year
    AL S
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