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  • Hi, misterkatamari. While you wait to see the NS, you might try, if you haven't already done so, applying moist heat or a colkd pack to your painful area. Each won't have to cost much; a massage therapist suggested putting uncooked rice in a sock, tying a knot in it or sewing the top shut and putting it in the microwave. For a cold pack I've put Blue Ice - the thing you freeze and then put in your ice chest to keep food and drinks cold - in a plastic grocery bag and then sitting with it between my painful area and the chair back or a throw pillow. I sure hope something works; back pain is no fun! Best wishes with the new doc, and keep us posted. Essmoe
  • Wow Essmoe, thanks so much.

    I have a hot water bottle that I use as well as a dry heating pad. It does seem to help a little. Maybe part of it is just comforting to my mind, either way who cares if it helps!

    The rice thing sounds really smart. Who would have thought of that! lol

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  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Thanks for the info, I'll check that out! < end sarcasm>

    Anyone else think this is an awful choice for spammers to visit. I'm sure they can find a better audience else well. :P

    On a thread related note, I'm still waiting to see my neurosurgeon on Thursday. I'm hoping he can help me out and get an MRI and find out something about all this pain. I'm running out of meds right now, but I don't really mind because I'll see what the neurosurgeon says about taking them when I go see him.

    Mostly been lying around with my heating pad, which seems to help slightly. :P
  • Did your PCP let you run out of the 7.5 and not write you a new Rx? That's too bad, also not very professional if that is the case.

    My H is going through the same thing with his PCP, but his issue is pain *and* tolerance. He was started on hydrocodone 5/500 4x a day, but that was a year and a half ago, and didn't really cover his pain even then. The last time he mentioned to his Dr that the medication was no longer helping, the Dr said "well then, stop taking it." Well, if he stops taking it the pain is worse, and he feels bad because he is dependent at this point. Obviously the medication does take the edge off, and what he should have said was that the medication is just barely taking the edge off, but he didn't realise that he had to watch every single word with the Dr., and that everything was being taken so literally.

    Whenever I went to the Dr last month I mentioned that my medication was not seeming to be lasting 6 hours, and before I could even finish what I was saying my Dr upped my meds to every 4 hrs, so 60 more pills a month. I was actually going to say that I thought a different muscle relaxer might help my pain medication, but I never got the chance and after the Dr changed my meds I felt uncomfortable asking for a different muscle relaxer at that point. It is my muscles that seem to be causing me the most grief right now, but anyway.. I just wanted to mention just how different some Drs can be and how important communication, or the lack thereof, can be. I wish you the best and hope that you find relief from your pain-and soon!
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