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Pain between hip and spine--what could it be?

figgypuddingffiggypudding Posts: 3
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:49 AM in Lower Back Pain
If anyone can give me an idea of the cause of my pain I would be so very happy!
On my left side, between my hip and my spine, there is something there that "clicks," like the sound you make when you crack your knuckles. In the morning, I'm fine, but as the day progresses, it "clicks" more and more, and by evening I have severe pain in that whole area. I can barely bend over, sit down, or sit. There is pressure in this area, and I can feel it hitting on nerves.
I've had an MRI, which didn't show anything, although I suspect the MRI was looking more at my spine and not this area.
I've been to physical therapy, and although they showed me how to strengthen the muscles in my stomach area and massaged this area, they had no idea what they were treating.
As far as the "clicking" goes, I have this all the time up and down my spine, but this area, between hip and spine, is the only area that gives me pain.
As a last note, I had scoliosis as a kid and still have some of it.
Anyone have any idea of what could be going on?
I'm not that old, but I feel like an old lady!
I have a doctor appointment soon and would love to let him know what is going on.
Thanks in advance!


  • Hi and welcome to the Board. We're a friendly, caring bunch, and having spine issues ourselves we can all relate to what you've been going through. However, since we aren't doctors we're not in a position to diagnose. Only your doctor can do that. Some Board members have written about their less than revealing MRIs. In view of that possibility in your case, your doctor may or may not want to get more tests before arriving at a conclusion as to the cause of your pain and clicking sounds. Best wishes and keep us posted! Love, Essmoe
  • Thanks Essmoe29! I'll just keep hoping someone on these forums has had something similar and can point me in the direction of what it may be so I can get the proper treatment.
    I'm glad for everyone here and how helpful they are!
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  • I would start with your primary care giver and go from there.
  • You are correct about one thing, doctors always concentrate on the spine as a pain generator, but, the SI can cause pain as well. The SI joint lies between the Illium(the large hip bone) and your sacrum(the back of your pelvis) The SI joint can become painful as a result after pregnancy(the ligaments become lax and may never tighten. Or in my case, I had a very bad fall which my orthapedic Dr. said may very well have torn a ligament. As a result my SI joint is now hypermobile(the joints constantly come out of alignment) I go to the chiropracter who puts them back in place but they only stay in place for a very short time. It's important to get a proper diagnosis. There is a specific test for this dysfunction so you may want to explore this more:)?
    Have a nice day & best of health!
  • Thank you for the information--I greatly appreciate it. I have an appointment this week and will ask the doctor about that. If I can find out what's wrong, then I can either find out how to treat it or the best way to live with it.
    Thanks again!
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