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Angry and Frustrated



  • Make sure you make a list of your questions and concerns. Start one now, and keep adding to it; you probably won't get answers to everything, but if there are specific things you want to know that the doc doesn't address, just ask him. Hopefully your specialist will be open to you bringing someone else in with you; I just found that it helped me remember answers that were given to me, and sometimes my husband or friend would think of something to ask that I had NOT thought of. In some cases, too, the doctor is a little better behaved....

    I know how frustrating it is to have to wait endlessly for all this to happen, and I think most of us here can relate to that. I saw four or five different rheumatologists before I finally found one who actually took the time to consider the big picture and everything that had gone on with me for a period of almost 20 years!

    I saw one neurosurgeon who walked into the office, looked at me, looked at my MRI, said "there's nothing I can do; you have too many issues" and walked out of the office. (All this after my husband took a day off work, we drove four hours to get there, my appointment was cancelled and rescheduled for the next day, so we had to get a hotel for the night, and hubby had to take another day off.)

    Try to be patient - I know it's easier said than done, but eventually you will get some answers.


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  • Yeah, I know what you mean Danial.

    I never really lash out at other people, I don't have that kind of personality. Instead it all gets filed away to bother me daily. I've been trying to talk and be open with my frustration, though, so it doesn't bother me quite as much. :P
  • I don't know if I should make a different thread for this, but I'm supposed to get this EMG on the 3rd. For those of you who've had one, are the results like read immediately or is it like other tests that they have someone else read it and then give to your doctor.

  • As soon as the test ended, the doctor told me I had a pinched nerve, but with another doctor the timing could be different. You could call his/her office beforehand and ask. I did that two weeks before an appointment I had for an eye disease, since I was anxious as to whether I'd have to wait until my next appointment to find out what would need to be done. Best wishes on the 3rd!
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  • Thanks Essmoe.

    If he can't tell me when I go on the 3rd immediately after the test, I guess I'll just wait. lol! It's just nice sometimes to know what to expect.
  • My neurologist actually conducted the final part of the test himself and so he told me immediately that I had pinched nerves in my back causing my leg problems and that I needed to see a neurosurgeon.

    I will note that this was my SECOND neurologist because I had asked for a new referral from my PCP because the first neurologist just basically told me I had neuropathy and to live with it - while the pain and weakness kept getting worse and worse.

    Good luck with the EMG - it is uncomfortable but not really painful.

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