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RSD and getting relief

elijjenningseelijjennings Posts: 32
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:50 AM in Alternative Treatments
Does anyone with RSD know of alternative treatments to find some relief? I'm on a "medication holiday" which is just a terrible term. I'm looking for ANYTHING that could bring some relief.



  • Why in the world did your Doctor put you on a "medication holiday"??? That is just plaon cruel.
    RSD is the very worst kind of pain anyone can suffer!!

    To hear this makes me so angry! Please let your Doctor know that you can't take the pain right away!! They cant force you to go completely off pain meds. It is unethical(sp?)

    Can you find another Doctor? Now this is just my opinion....but I would run from this Doctor as fast as I could. Does this Doctor know anything about RSD? I do not have RSD but I know others that have it. I have neuropathy and believe me it is a bear to treat and the pain is brutal. RSD is even worse. Flare ups are torture aren't they?

    How long is this so called "holiday"? That is just an awful name to put on down right torture. It is anything BUT a holiday!

    I am sorry to go on like this ...but I am so angry that some Doctor would put you through this.

    Yes...I know the so called "reasoning" behind this but does it really work? Has it been proven to work? Perhaps it does in some cases but with RSD?

    How I wish I could help you. But I know nothing that can help. I prey someone else does.

    Again I apologise for ranting like this but I know what my friends with this same condetion suffer. My heart goes out to you. Please keep us posted.
    Patsy W

  • I've done several medication "holidays" and they are very effective in allowing certain drugs to once again be effective in the treatment of your pain. When I have done these medication holidays, the doc has introduced a different medication in order to help manage the pain as best as possible.

    Is your doc doing the medication holiday in preparation for your SCS trial? Some docs feel it is beneficial to remove pain medications prior to the trial in order to get a better idea of how much relief you are getting from the SCS.

    If the pain is that out of control, contact your doc and let him know. That is something he needs to know about, in order to better serve you.

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