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Saw my GP

Pain_is_mePPain_is_me Posts: 69
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:50 AM in Lower Back Pain
So I saw my GP yesterday for a full physical and follow-up regarding my back/sciatica issue. Really the only good thing that came out of it is that she is going to send my referral to another province (4 hrs away) because I may be able to get in sooner. She actually 'believes' I'm in pain now and is working with me not telling me to suck it up and live with it. She wrote me a referral to a chiropractor but that scares me. I went to one once when I was about 12 yrs old and was in agony for a long time after, I swore I'd never let another chiro touch me. Anyone have good experience to encourage me?

We talked alot about my pain but she wasn't interested in the pain log, np at least she listened. She is testing me for RA but acknowledged that I likely have osteoarthritis throughout my body - knees, ankles, wrists, elbows... they all hurt. She suggested with my back that I should have an MRI but as a GP she cannot order it, has to be a specialist so I'll have to wait till I see one. April at the latest. When I asked about pain medication she was not willing to discuss anything different than what I'm already on - Lyrica and Tylenol 3. It is quite clear to me now that she does not believe in medicating pain, I can get prescriptions elsewhere so I will when I need them.

One small thing really surprised me at this appointment. Of course as it was a full physical they took my weight and height. I am a full 2 inches shorter than I was 25 yrs ago. I lost 1 inch by '97 as I remember asking my doctor why I would be getting shorter already at only 30 yrs old. He said then that my discs were compressing and that's what caused it. My dr. died shortly after that and I was left with none for many years. Now I've lost another inch. Has anyone else lost that much at a young age? (I'm 43, I still consider that young). I mentioned my shock to the doc yesterday but she just brushed it off. I would not think that much disc compression would be 'normal' at my age.

The only change she suggested to my treatment is to add Vitamin D and calcium. Oh and go to the pool, she's been on me about that for months but I'm not a swimmer so its weird to go to the pool, what would I do there? I'll take my daughter and grandson this weekend, it could be fun.



  • For the pool, I bought a jog belt & a noodle & use them to walk/jog & bicycle. Because of my knees, I need to avoid my feet touching bottom, so I stay in the deep end.

    I use the belt to jog, forward & back. I switch to the noodle & basically sit on it to bicycle.

    Easy on the joints.
  • hi lisa on reading your post i got the impression you are from ireland or maybe the uk.
    hi im paula and im from co.antrim.
    nice to meet you.

    LOVE P
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  • @ sassy - thanks that's a great idea, I'll definitely try that. Its been a few years since I've been in a pool and even back then my back would get sore from standing on the bottom.

    @ mrs p - actually I'm from PEI,Canada but good guess. I guess what's apparent is that I'm not American.

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