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spinal fluid leak with pocket of fluid surrounding leak

adventureraadventurer Posts: 22
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Has anyone else had some complications with a spinal fluid leak following a myelogram? I came through the procedure just fine (my third one, one was horrible, this one was so painless). Six days later I had shoulder surgery and when I woke up from that surgery I felt really sick. First thought it was surgery related, then thought it was the flu, then wondered about med reactions. Two trips to the clinic to see why I was so light headed, left side head-ache, shaky, break out in a sweat, ringing in ears, felt like left side of face was being pulled down, sensitive to light. The second time I told my Dr. that this is the way I have felt when I had two other spinal fluid leaks. She ordered a CT and it showed a large sack of fluid at L4-L5. I tried staying down for five days with no success, then I went back to Rochester and they said it is not very common, and can be complicated if the sack of fluid is directly into the cord. Fortunately, it wasn't and the Dr. was able to do a modified blood patch around it and into the pocket of fluid. He said that most likely the pressure change when I was under the anesthesia for my shoulder must have blown a hole in the myelogram hole that was healing. I had to lay flat for two days after the patch and am home now with restrictions for bending, lifting , twisting, and need to go flat if I have any symptoms. This is my first day up and it's going well. wondering if others have this kind of fluid problem and how it resolved. Oh, I am four months into my recovery of a complicated fusion, One of two - the first one failed at 5 weeks.



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  • I recently got a spinal fluid leak after a myelogram. But, it didn't start until five days after- the day I had shouldersurgery. CT showed a pocket of fluid where the myelogram was done (L4-L5). I have had two other leaks in the past and have had two surgeries inside my spinal cord - untethering and one to remove a cyst (both congenital), as well as two fusions and a spinal cord stimulator implanted.thanks!

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  • I had a myleogram in 2007, the Dr scheduled it for Friday in case there was a "rare" occurrance of a leak/headache it would resolve itself within 24 hours. I was okay Friday, spent the day flat. Got up Saturday and felt pretty good. On Sunday I got the headache, nothing would touch it. I laid flat until Monday. Went to work at 8am and by 1100 I was sweating nauseous and headache was back. Went home called the Dr he told me to lay flat, no pillow until Wednesday, over 36 hours. It finally resolved.
    Need another myleogram and am not looking forward to it at all.
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