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c4/c5 and "shoulderblade" pain

TracyLynneTTracyLynne Posts: 582
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:51 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
i have had terribly painful trigger points around my left shoulderblade/rhomboid area for quite some time; it is a burning pain that is exacerbated by leaning on it too long (i've been sleeping in a recliner with a tennis ball behind me to try some acupressure), and also the fact that i'm in a sling. i've had trigger point injections. massage, name it. yesterday my physiotherapist started question my my c4/c5 area, where i happen to have facet joint problems.
sure enough, he did a small adjustment to my neck, along with some stretching, and eased that pain substantially!

he also taped under the shoulderblade to take a little pressure off the overworked muscle, which may or may not have helped.

i thought this might be worth sharing, as i have been "treating" an area of referred pain all this time when the culprit was my neck. hope this is helpful info for someone out there!



  • Tracy, Thanks for this. You have stated what I am experiencing pretty darn close. I have had headaches for ten years. For the past five years I have been hurting off and on around my right shoulder blade. The tissue around shoulderblade is very sensitive to the touch and painful trigger points. Was told by orthopedic dr. That pain in shoulder and headaches are probably because of c5&c6 in neck. I too have been treating referred pain when culprit was elsewhere. I am starting to get some answers.........I think. I am miserable and need relief. You said that they " taped under shoulder blade" please explain. I need to research more but it helps To know that someone else understands. Also you mentioned "facet joint problems"....??? I don't know what that is but I hope you are much better. Sorry if I have rambled. My first day on this website and my only post. Good luck to you.
  • I have no insurance (it went bye bye the day BEFORE I woke up to my right hand fingers curling in toward my palm. I had neck pain that went straight to a point behind my shoulder blade and it truly felt as though someone stabbed me with an ice pick and left it there. TERRIBLE. I HAD IT CONSTANTLY FOR 9 MONTHS. Since I'm on Public "assistance" (you have to be a detective to find out where to get help and it's taken me ONE YEAR to get the help I need, My hand and part of my arm is completely atrophied and NUMB now; it just sucks all the way around. I will soon have surgery that will be an Anterior CervicalFusion 4-levels. WHAT CAN I EXPECT? anybody oout there that can give me some tricks or any suggestions on how to deal with this nonsense. I just wanted to get my kids in college then go off and LIVE MY LIFE.......but I've got a mountain to climb and I need to know all I can from PEOPLE, not from articles.

    So I sympathize with your shoulder pain. I lost alot of sleep over that one. I would find a corner of anything and just lean against it and push like a bear scratching himself on a tree! It only makes things WORSE, to be honest.

    Hang in there; I know how badly we all hurt, trust me, and I'll be sending positive energy to all who are here!!!

    thanks for reading!!

    xx Rhona
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