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Note to self. Mopping Kitchen Floor= A Lot of freaking PAIN!



  • I feel your pain..... I just scrubbed the bathrooms and did my sweeping and mopping over the weekend..... I used to do the cleaning every few days... now its every few weeks. The dishes and
    laundry are the only things done daily.... hubby does the vacuuming. After my first back surgery I learned to pick up i nstead of "cleaning " it works OK. Any real cleaning is a planned family activity.
    Hugs - Julie
  • Jelly and Julie, I wish I would've written your posts. Spineys have to pick and choose their battles and only you know what's worth fighting for.

    Me? I'll dust and do things occasionally that I shouldn't, but if "stuff" (dirt or clutter) hangs around long enough, my guy does notice it. Then he complains and still, it sits and he eventually can't stand it another minue or we'll talk about what day we'll do it together.

    I hope, even if you have to use your womanly ways, that you get them both to chip in. Just try not to take it too seriously. To me, it's one of the smaller battles that I choose to not "fight" over, just work with what I've got.


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  • Result!!

    Now enjoy the house looking clean.
    It won't last long!

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  • Wow, you are so right! Just had similar experience. Found out sink was leaking, which inspired me to clean the nooks and crannies of kitchen. Found water around hot water heater, so HAD to clean that up, then the grease stains were so obvious, there was no choice about that, either. Which led to scooting the stove over to clean the rest of the grease, and scooting the fridge just a little to make the kitchen look nicer and more spacious. Then, incredibly light sweeping cause it was looking so awesome. Now, it's 5:15 AM and i'm still up in horrible pain. Kitchen looks great. Wish i'd never found that leak under the sink. (Truth be told, i shouldn't have washed those dishes either, but can't stand looking at stuff i used to be able to do, and feel i should be able to do.) Sigh..
  • One week post op after finding out i needed disks put in,,, new ones for me ,,old ones fromnthe dead person who left them behind!
    I thank fully hae a daughtr in law that needs $ that is coming up once a week to do those thiongs i cant like mopping, acuming ,,cleaning out the fridge,

    My husbund will accccume and shappo the rugs for me.

    THIS WEEK MY BEDROOM IS A JUNK MESS, my daughter ion law is coming to help with that.,

    I can do small thimgs like some clothes washing and putting things in the dish washer,,,but that is something im just now getting to the point i feel i can do iut without rhe seere conmsequences.
    I hae a collor on my neck that keeps me from being able top do alot anyhow.
    The thing is my dauaghter in law is a good housekeeper and im getting things done through her because of this operation that i may hae alowed to pile up anyhow, But she gtes paid for it.

    I like to paint and i realised how much of ones neck muscles u use in doing art work! Its made me appraicate this remarkable body God ga=e us and al the things thatthge spine enables us to do!
  • Wow can I relate to your reasoning for doing all that you did. Sounds just like me. And yes I pay for it too. I loved the way you told the story. We all need to remember we CAN'T always do the stuff we used to do, just because we did it in half the time and had time for more!

    L4/L5 laminectomy, L4/L5 360 fusion with instrumentation, L1 to L5 fusion, L5/S1 fusion w/ disc replacement, left and right SI joints fused.
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