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L2-L3-L4-L5-Laminectomy Revision & Fusion with Instrumentation

Hunter11HHunter11 Posts: 7
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:53 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi everyone, Well first I want to thank all of you who helped me before my Surgery which was April 27 2011.. I had an L2-L3-L4-L5 Revision Laminectomy and Fusion with instrumentaion...I am now 19 days post-op and I feel GREAT I still have Incision pain and swelling but before Surgery I had severe lower back pain which radiated into my left butt-hip-thigh and down to my left foot & toe's in which I had nasty toe pain tingling and numbness.... I also have pain where the Bone Graft was taken which is below the incision. Now I have no Butt-thigh or lower leg pain and no pain in my toe's only the numbness is still in my toes and foot..I do have pain in my butt and thigh but I am pretty sure this is surgery pain/nerve pain and bone graft pain as I have numbness in the tops of both butt cheeks and below the incision...I went into the Hospital on Wednesday April-27th and was due to leave on Saturday but friday night I told my nurse...who was a complete BIATCH that something was wrong and I felt weird she asked what my pain was I said it was going off the chart..she laughed and said I will be ok..well around 6am they came into check my blood pressure and temp...and the nurse said OMG and called for help as I had a 103.7 temp and my blood pressure was something like 90/50 and I was in complete thing I knew the Dr. on call from my Doctors office was there at 7am and looked under my dressing he said WOW Bob this is very swollen and infected and immediatley called for an Emergency Cleanout and 9am I went back in for Surgery #2 where he re-opened my incision approx 10" with 26 staples in which he removed and had to remove all the inside sutures and drain and clean then put 2 drains in and re-sutured and re-stapled he also put in Cathetar my luck...But I felt so much better after.. I had to stay in the Hospital until Tuesday which sucked but it was for the best..I have a back brace which I wear when I leave the house for any reason which is basically for my walks and putting our son on & off the bus..I was wearing the Brace inside on and off but it was causing so much pain and swelling so I called My Dr. and they said I could take it off inside... I think having a 3 level Laminectomy and a Spinal cord Stimulator Surgery in the past 18 months my body was use to all the Trauma...I did much better this time... I have 8 screws and 2 rods Also the Dr. did a Bone Graft..dont get me wrong it is and was tough I get better every day and still get bouts with alot of pain and discomfort usually later in the day probably from the days activities..but I am so glad I did this...Today we are going to my Dr. for my post-op for staple removal and a check up....The hardest thing for me is that you have to keep telling your self to go slow and be carefull I am walking every morning after our son gets on the bus and I am doing about a 1/2 mile now and increasing every day...I wish all of you the best of luck and thank you for helping me out...

Thank You, Bob


  • Glad to hear that you are feeling GREAT. Sorry that you had to go through so much in the hospital and had to go back in to surgery.

    You are sounding like you are doing so well so early out from surgery. Do take it easy.

    Hope that your appointment goes well today. Thank you for the update, please continue to let us know
    how you are doing. I am currently awaiting a fusion, and really love to hear how everyone is making out after their surgery.

    Wishing you all the best for a great recovery and solid fusion.

    >:D< Karen
    >:D< >:-D< : Karen
    L3-S1 herniation and bulges, stenosis, mod facet,ddd,impinged nerves,coccydinia
    discectomy/lami July 2011-unsuccessful
    adr L5-S1 Feb 2012
  • Thanks Karen, I will keep you updated tell me what you are having done and how you got hurt and your symptoms...You will be OK...

    Thanks, Bob
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  • Wow you did sooooooooo great for having to go into the OR twice in one hospital stay!!! Nice job...sounds like you have been through alot of grief but are bouncy back nicely...when and how were you injured...hope you have a pain-free day!!!
  • Hi and thank you for the reply...I had my post op today and my Dr. is amazed at how I can recover so quickly from everything I have been through..But he said to go slow and constantly remember not to lift anything or bend or twist....So I had x-rays today and all is great he said.. they removed the staples that always I see him in 30 days. Today took alot out of me I was in agony by the time we got home but it is getting better slowly. Well this all started back on December 27 2007 I fell from a Scaffold at work that collapsed from about 16 feet up and landed on my feet at the time it felt like I was electrocuted and it hurt pretty bad but I continued to work for about 2-3 weeks more and the pain-numbness and tingling got to bad so I started the workers comp routine...I had a 3 level laminectomy 9-23-09 which helped a little but the nerve pain got worse so they then suggested a Spinal Cord Stimulator trial which I did with some good results so we went ahead and I had the implant Sept-20-2010 but after several months it only kind of helped when I was doing basically nothing then in the beginning of this year 2011 things got real bad the pain increased in my lower back left butt-hip-thigh and lower leg along with my left foot which has no feeling at all just numb & tingly so we went to a good Neuroligist and after some tests he suggested I see 2 of the best Spinal Doctors in the East coast one was at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and the other at Robert Wood Johnson in New Brunswick, NJ so I went to both for oppinions and they both said I needed a spinal fusion as the injury I sustained not only gave me herniated disks and bulging disks and nerve damage it kicked in DDD and was causing more damage plus they noticed I had several Parr fractures and 2 of my disks were basically gone and were bone on bone thus the fusion would stabalize my spine and hopefully help with far so good..fingers to you soon

    Thanks Bob
  • sound exactly like me...I got hurt but worked for 3 more weeks till the nerve pain put me into a heart arrhythmia at work and I almost passed out...they put me on a heart monitor and my heart was 183 when my norm is in the 80s...YIKES...I so know that bone on bone sensation also...I got an MRI in March 2010 and by the time the surgery happen the Surgeon who specializes in Cervical surgeries says that the MRI did me no justice when he actually got in there...I am a nurse at our hospital here in my town and got hurt turning a Patient on a ventilator...dead weight 300+ pounds(yes I had help) I to went on the Work Comp journey...the work comp system is in need of a major over was recommended to have the ACDR and ACDF as soon as possible...I got hurt in Dec 09 and got my surgery April it took us awhile...we hope the delay in surgery has not cuased that much nerve damage but won't know that for a bit longer...take care and keep us updated...
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