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Nerve pain is back kicking my ass,



  • gimpy said:
    Yup, I started this diversion into disability sex :-)
    I havent laughed this hard in a long time. I have to say that before I found this site just a week or two ago I felt alone and isolated in many ways. This site was a godsend for me.
    You are so right! I have a lot of problems with my arms and pain lately and some days I cannot write but I can read and feel very comforted and identified with your comments.
    Thanks for being here
  • I am sorry to hear you had a bad weekend too, I does seem we all had a bad weekend... I couldn't even open the laptop, it was on but couldn't even lift it. Ended up in casualties and drugged up and having to wear my collar again all day and been given other meds to take for a few days... on top they did and electrocardiogram because I though I had a panic attack as I was very worked up with the pain and stress, not being able to swallow properly and ended up calling an ambulance as the 20mg of valium I took weren't calming me down. Now they say I had a stroke at some time and seeing the heart consultant on Friday evening. They checked my troponine and other levels again yesterday morning and they seem to be normal again and the poor nurse was worried because of all the bruises on my arms as she had problems finding a good vein leaving both of my arms like a colander, I kept telling her the nerve pain was worse than the needle! I asked her to chop off my right side and neck!
    I have tried to sleep a lot this week and just go to the beach and sleep more there...
    I hope you are all feeling better now anyone in for a body transplant?
    Soft hugs to you all
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  • alexhurting said:

    So joking and laughing at ourself is probably the best solution we have cause the other solution other find is not a prety one.
    I agree, so glad didn't have L4-S1 surgery and won't I was fooled into the first and second surgery.
    Only one neurosurgeon told me the truth, he said: "with your neck, start worrying if it stops hurting...then there is nothing that can be done..."
    Michelle we need a new topic for our endorphines!!!!
  • You wrote that you never heard about a case where an ADR has been removed. But where I am living, Holland, Europe, there are about 40 people where the ADR's are removed. In the University clinic in the South of Holland was an Orthopedic surgeon who is specialized in this procedure. If you want I can sent you a paper of that doctor with surgical technique? There is also a doctor in Brazil who developed a safe procedure to remove the ADR lateral. Know 2 people who have done it in Brazil with success.
    If you want I will sent you this infomation to your email or PM.
  • Holy crap Blue,
    It's one thing to deal with chronic pain and another thing to mess with the cardiovascular system altogether. I'm sorry to hear your having to deal with these multiple issues simultaneously. I like your idea of sleeping by the beach . If i tried that by the lake here I would probaly fry in this 104 degree heat and be fast food food for the pigeons. I saw a dehydrated frog on the road on my walk the other day . Normally they get squished but this poor guy just looked like he got caught in the sun. Hope your feeling better soon. Alex and I had the flexicore ADR , I see you also are an experimental lab rat. We are in this together. Welcome to the group.
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  • Now I want to cry . I'm also probaly just tired cause munchkin woke up and I went to give him a bottle and a snuggle and damned if I didn't see he had a twin for a second. Now i realize we get constipated with all the meds but i'ld think i'ld remember if i birth and dressed him in spongebob pajamas. But then again i had to have c section cause of my disc so the closest thing to labor I felt was Braxton hicks contractions . Alex do you still have that link I could read? Finding anything on flexicore is impossible. Damn the dog just farted . Holy mother of god wth did she eat? Geez, I think the kid has been feeding her again from the high chair . Gack !!
  • Yes i have heard about adr being removed of course. And i am aware about how dangerous it is when it has to be removed because they once again have to go back in from the front and with the scar tissue from the 1 st surgery they can cut in to the main artery.

    There are dr,s here in the usa that can do it if they have to but only if adr fails to the degree where its moved or broke and its causing issues where it has to be removed.

    But in most cases its not the adr that is failed where it has moved or has broken. Its the procedure itself where the surgery has caused over stretching the nerves while puting the adr in place or damaging a nerve root while removing the old natural disc or both.

    The other factor is the size of the adr thats used to fit each person disc space. As the flexicore adr only had 3 sizes small, medium and large. The fact might be that our spine is not as simple as using a small or medium or large to give each person the correct size to match there disc space. Actualy i might be wrong becsuse flexicore might only had 2 sizes not even 3 so that made it just worse to where they picked 1 and made it fit.

    If the adr was forced to fit the person as in some of us it was forced in and right away caused stress on the other level and of course keeping the disc space wider and always stretching the nerves on that level where it was put in to. So its no suprise there is pain always coming off those nerves.

    This is my view after talking to many dr,s about this after my surgery and this is why some of the dr,s dont believe in the adr and refuse to get involved in the adr trials. I felt my adr should of been removed and then fused to stop the stretching from the adr but they refused and felt just fusing it in will maybe help the nerve heal. Well in 7 years it has not healed so i think i was correct that while an over size adr causing the stress and stretching of the nerves fusing it does not releise the nerves to there normal position to have the ability to heal, especialy while it also sustained damage also during surgery!

    Having an over size adr would explain the stress the spine is under even while a person is laying down and geting up on your feet just increases the stress soon as your feet hit the ground.

    This is 1 reason why people have diferent outcomes depending which adr was used and what size were they fit for that actualy works. Many dr,s can do this adr surgery but how many can actualy size up a person and make sure they are set up with the best adr and perfect size and not cause nerve damage during the procedure.

    Back to the point Renos, i know in some cases when adr has failure it can be removed. I just never heard anyone having it removed after it was already fused in. This is why i asked how hard was it to remove yours after it was fused in? Did they go in front and back and broke off the fussion on the bone and then removed the adr from the front? Or was it all dont from the front??
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • I'm with Michelle you and Alex are my spiney buddies lol! Now the medical marijuana hey let's jump on that wagon i was just talking to my bro about that a couple cays ago they will give me a lifetime supply of morphine but if i get caught smoking a joint lookout all hell breaks loose what gives.
  • do i wanna know what a munchkin is and oh boy those twins yikes lol and if one part doesn't work on a woman she has many others hehe
  • Alex,

    We must have read the same board i looked up what he was talking about too. And we aren't whining at all seems like many many people are stuck in hell with us.

    I am starting to think they need to stop these surgeries looks like they are sending thousands into hell and knowing they are doing it all along, it's just not right even though i know and respect there is a learning curve and it take's many failures to get to success this is human life. Maybe this should only be done on life or death hell i don't know but i can say my life is ruined now it was in tough shape before but now it's shot!
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