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Nerve pain is back kicking my ass,



  • You are totally right how problems can ocurr with adr's. The nerve I have still a lot pain from, is the same nerve (left bottom/leg/foot) which was irritated just after the first ADR surgery. Sitting is my worse problem, were this nerve have to stretch. Then standing and walking gives problems. Only whem I am laying flat om my back, I have my pain under control and can even be at level zero. What are your specific problems and pains?

    The other problem with adr's is that it gives to much flexibility at that level so facetjoints will be irritated and nerves will damaged.

    It was clear in mine situation to that the ADR was not grown fix to the bone and was laying totally loose between the vertebraes. That was the reason it was easy to pull the adr out of mine spine.

    They go again in front of the body to reach the adr. They have not broken anythink, just chisel the vertebrae a bit and pull the adr out.
    The fusion posterior was done 6 months before, hoping it was enough. Unfortunatelly not.
    In Holland this is a normal procedure. I have a friend were the have done first the fusion posterior (at the back) and with a second surgery, one week later in the same hospital, remove the ADR, anterior (in front). She stayed 2 weeks totally in the hospital. If you want I have a detailed procedure (paper) how this surgery is done? Please write me then a PM with your email adress.

    I dont know how you are thinking, but mine opinion about adr's is that it give to much severe risks. If everythink is gooes well its a great treatment, but if anythink goes wrong, about 20% is writen (I think more), you have serious problem which can hardly be fixed. The problem with spine surgery is that you cannot do multiple surgeries at the same level without damage to nerves. When you do ADR with the risk of rivision, the spine is damaging to much to recover over time.
    Even if you choose right away for fusion is risky because it can led to non fusion, but then at a revision surgery nothing have to be pulled out between the vertrebraes.
    Now after 16 months after my last revision sugery, I feel that everythink is more stable and the severe pain out of the spine (the none pain) is becoming every month less. My NS told me that bone are growing also after long time after surgery and he think that when a solid bonebridge is consolidated, also the nerves can heal. Nerves can only heal when there is stability also at micro-level.
    Do know for sure that your fused level with the ADR in place is consolidated, so that means that there is no micro-movements anymore? At a CT-scan thet can see if the bonebridge posterior at your hardware is grown solid or not.
  • I was ambushed by my loving husband. I Have had approximately 9 hours sleep in last 5 days . I was able to combine the meds to get to sleep for two hours. When I awoke chris told me to get dressed cause he made me an appt today to address my pain and insomnia until i had my epidural next Tuesday . He made and talked to the dr because he knew I wouldn't. Anyway we went and dr doubled my pain meds so i can get the nerve pain under control to hopefully sleep. We then discussed a plan for this nerve pain crap. I gotta admit I do appreciate him taking care of me when I'm too stubborn to do it myself. Oh and he also said he classifies me as a high functioning failed back surgery patient . Now I wanna cry because i have been feeling like I'm kidding myself that things are ok but this kinda confirms they are not. I guess my gut knew and i was wanting to ignore it. That sucks. I hate failing.
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  • Hun if only there were a club worthy of welcoming a failure to. I would welcome up into the club and sit next to me. I would rather kick you out of this club tho. My doctor pretty much told me the same thing yesterday, but i knew a couple of weeks after surgery this is not good and i never talked myself into believing i was going to get better with time i could feel it in my bones.
  • Michelle glad your husband realised he needed to get you in to up the meds if it helps. I kept increasing the meds but it just would do nothing for the leg pain. Today i just back on the dmso i purchased because i know it helped the 1 st time i used it and not used it too often between using the coconut oil and some days the dmso. For now it seems to be helping again so going to try to stick with it regularly for a while before ruling it out.

    If dr,s cant fix us we have to find the best solution we can ourself posibly. I am almost afraid to say i am beter because every time i do it backfires so for now i say nothing.
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • Doctors can only do so much for us and most of the time it's not nearly enough my case is a good example we just have to live the best we can
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  • Mines about the same place. Bottom left of the adr pain going to left leg and foot. Siting here is also the worse. Kinda like the damaged nerve is stretching while siting. Standing as long as i keep from shifting to the left side sometimes i can keep the agrivated nerve calm. The damage from the adr is very similar then,
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • I am sorry you feel this way, it is NOT your fault and YOU have NOT failed they failed! I makes me angry, they see us like "walking" money and not people with feelings, families and lives. There are very few "true" doctors.
    Don't let it get you down it is normal to feel this way when we have a big pain "crisis" and this only makes it worse. See the positive side, you have loved ones who care for you and your health and you have us on here to talk. I would love to write more often. I promise to do so when I feel a bit better with my arms or I'll have to find a good voice recongniton programme LOL.
    A big soft hug and lots of love xxx

    PS:( sending you loads of virtual positive vibes)
  • I think sometimes we all feel that way Blue the pain is just overwhelming at times i know there have been a few times i prayed to let me die or give me the nerve to blow my own head off and i am sure i will feel that away again sooner or later probably sooner than later actually! Come vent anytime we are all here and all in the same damn boat nothing easy about our lives try and be happy as can be under all circumstances if you can!
  • I can only lay on my right side and on my back for a few minutes or the pain is unbearable when i try and lay on my left side it feels like my body has caught on fire, but then i lay on my side so much it makes my side hurt like hell cause sitting for very long isn't happening either what hell is a person to do take drugs and pray i guessssss hmm about to make me a friggin drunk and i don't drink haha
  • i haven't been able to sleep much this past few days you know when the damn nagging pain just wont leave you alone well it's nagging and nagging i am about to just become a friggin drunk , give up party and croak lol
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