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Nerve pain is back kicking my ass,



  • Yes i know that naging feeling. After a good massage with olive oil or just about any kind of oil helps calm the muscle around the nerves to get a good nite sleep. Good sleep is very important to help pain during the day. If i did not sleep good at nite i would be in er every day i think.

    I tried to have a very normal day yesterday going to a graduation party. Good massage helped before going but not enough. It was hot outside and siting in chair under the tent pain started naging at me and i tried my best to ignore it. As everyone was arriving just got worse and worse me trying to walk it off to shake it in some way. Realised time to go to the car for a pain med. By the time i got it from the car it was so bad i was ready to spazm from lower back to legs feeling so weak i had to go inside lay down for an hour on the couch.

    This is what always scares me being somewhere where i would not be able to lay down as it comes on so fast and if it was not for being at a family member house this time i am not sure if i would end up just laying down in the midle of the street.

    Thank god after a valium and norco and rest i was able to join everyone at the party outside just siting in a beter chair and make the best of it. I am shocked i made it untill 1 am and still had fun not drinking. This is just not the way i planed on spending my life after surgery,
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  • Alex,

    I am glad you made it through the party and enjoyed yourself!

    I didn't plan on this life after surgery either but none of us probably do or why would we bother having surgery in the first place. I know for me anyway i was expecting something much different and better than what i got out of surgery but we are still alive and have to make the best life we can for ourselves, family and friends!

    I honestly can't stand being massaged it makes me feel like i am being electrocuted which i don't need to say that is not a pleasant feeling. I have been really lucky for the last couple of weeks the meds have worked great until Friday but i will get over (i think) anyway enjoy each day for all it's worth!

    Alex i am glad we have met it great to be with someone else that knows this hell i wish you didn't have to live it though!!
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  • Alex, I am glad you could enjoy part of the weekend and being able to stay out till 1! We don't need to have a drink to have a good time, just having bearable pain and under control is better than a drink!
    Jeff, it is sort of comforting talking to other people who understand and know what it is like... most people around us cannot even imagine what it's like :( and it is pointless talking to them or even trying to make them understand when we have to lay down and take our breaks.
    Nice meeting all of you too!
    Michelle how was your weekend?
    hugs to you all
  • Hi Maria,

    Truer words couldn't be spoken it is impossible to get another (that has a normal life) person to understand what we go through from day to day and then when the pain just get's flat out overwhelming and oh boy has it been for me the last few day's. So far this morning it seem's to be slowing down a little bit although at (6:00 am) i thought i was going to have to call an ambulance finally the meds kicked and i so far i am making it through this ass kicking violent smack down.

    I had surgery in hope's of slowing the pain down but it has only made it worse and now they want to do my neck C2 through C6 oh hell NO not gonna do!!!

    Maria i am truly truly sorry you were rear-ended over a damn phone i get so mad at people on their phones and driving. I have a sister in law that does it all the time. I yell at her and she will say i'm ok no your not i am in the car with you leave that damn phone alone. So many people are getting injured and killed over ignorance on these damn phones how stupid and terrible it really really is not that i have to tell you that it should be an offensive that will get a person put in jail and see if that changes their ignorant behavior. Somehow technology needs to make phones know they are moving and they disable themselves because people are to stupid to leave them alone!

  • I'm rocking a sexy hospital gown and waiting on the surgeon to get here and poke me. ( Alex and Jeff get your head out of the gutter!) I'm thinking Mexican food once I
    Busted outta this place!
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  • Waiting for dr to poke ya huh? You sure you are in a dr office. Lol

    Jeff. Dont even get me started on people driving while talking on cell phone cause my pain going to go from 5 to 10. In 2 sec. Lol. I see it all the time and they never pay attention for sure and cause most of the confusion on the road. ,
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • Yeah i am thinking Mexican to but not food you want those Margarita's to crank up the well we will leave it at that since this is a public place lol Good luck tho my friend!
  • I am with you on that man i get very pissed at people on phone's and driving i have come so close to being hit several times and then they wonder why i get so mad and cuss them driving and being on the phone or texting is just plain stupid, careless and wreckless for life period!
  • I would love one right now LOL. I do love this raspberry home made wine it's lovely and have a glass once in awhile.

    Michelle why you at the surgeon office for a consult or pre-op for surgery? TC. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • You would like my Margarita's it's my favorite and i love making them (lol) i like Lime to tho!

    My doctor is trying to talk me into doing my neck now i just can't make myself do it.
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