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loss of right arm use,

sdsherbearssdsherbear Posts: 7
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:54 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
I had a cervical fusion a yr ago, C3toC7, woke up and had real horrible pain the next day, lost the use of my right arm and hand, well after another surgery thru the back of my neck to "fix" the problem, and PT i have partial use back, my hand is good, but still feels numb, can't pik up anything and hold it for long, can't move my arm to the back, or over my head, can get it about even with my shoulder, will it all come back? also have had 3 other spinal surgeries in the thoraic, what hell that was, and lumbar all fusions. Needless to say i'm a chronic pain suffer.... thanks for listening to me complain ....its been all in 5 years...


  • The answer my surgeon gave me is it is doubtful, however he had seen the symptoms on another person, get better around the two year mark. If your saying it has already been a year then the problem could be permanent. Did they give you any reason as to what happened? I will tell you that my experience with posterior surgery is it takes about two years to really recover from it, so it might get better. I see you new so welcome to spine-health.
  • jlrfryejjlrfrye ohioPosts: 1,109
    The posterior surgery is a rough one! It has been almost a year and a half since mine and I still continue to improve in range of motion, tingling and neck pain. I along with you had the numb fingers that slowly came back. Some days they feel normal other day not. Have they ran test to determine what is causing all this or are they assuming it is from the surgery?
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  • I was having severe muscles spasms and than loss the use of my right arm, after a steroid pack I got some use of it back than I had surgery ACDF C4-C6 and even though it was weak I got the use of my arm back. I had alot of problems with the nerve running down my arm and the surgeon said it would take along time to go away if completely due to it being compressed for so long. About a year out it started to fade and than I started having problems again. C6 is compressing into the spinal column and C7 has started to break down. Needless to say I have nerve pain in both shoulders and arms along with the pain in my neck.
  • Well after i had the surgery from the front is when they did the damage to the nerves in the back of my neck, so they went in from the back fixed it with another fusion, so i have a fusion in the front and back. yeah mine still aches, not the throbbing pain i had at first.
  • I know going in through the back is a whole lot worse and more of a recovery time. If you had a fusion in both and front how much restriction do you have? I know just with the fusion from the front I can't put my chin to chest.

    I know it takes a long time for the nerves to heal and they seem to be so sensitive. My surgeon says he can go in and correct what is going on with the C6 but he can't guarantee that it will take the symptoms away. I used to get relief from the nerves with the lidocane patches but they don't work so well after I had a bad epidural shot and left my nerves worse. I am now on Neurontin and have worked up to 900mg but honestly I haven't noticed a change and went through hell with the intitial start and with each adding the mg's. I am sure they will want to take me to the max dosage of 1200 mg but honestly what is the purpose of taking all this medicine if it brings no relief. I know people on Lyrica with good results and they gave me a prescription for that but my insurance doesn't cover it.

    I know it is frustrating, I swear when my shoulder gets intense and doesn't want to let up I know that would be the perfect torture for the US to get secrets, cause I know I wanted to go insane. Luckily that only happened with the introduction to Neurontin and each dose, the other times I can manage and I appreciate it now after going through that.
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  • I just had bone spur surgery on C4,5 and C5,6 June 2 2011 on the back of my neck and when I woke up I had right arm weakness that I didnt have before surgery. I still cant raise my arm above my head or bend it to do a curl.It will only raise alittle out from the side of my body also. I have just started PT with 1 visit so far but have 3 next week so with the Lords help I hope to see some improvement by then.
    I just wanted you to know you are not alone with your arm weakness and I hope the best for you.

  • thaks for telling me, its been a year, have partial use back but still more to go. if i try to do something it doesn't want me to lets me
  • mine was rugh, the spasams were horrible to...the front was an easier surgery...they determined when they fused the front they pinched the nerves in the back of the spine...or something, wound up doing another fusion from the back of my neck. I have limited use on how far i can turn my head too.
    Acutally i'e been here when i had my Thoracic surgery, got a lot of help from people on that page...
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