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advice on neck pain

danp100ddanp100 Posts: 2
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:54 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
hi all,
i have suffered from neck pain for a good few years and tried a few things to make it better. i did have a few sessions with a chiropractor but they seemed a complete rip off lasting only 15 mins or so just to click my neck in certain places and not sure it would ever have helped. sometimes the pain is ok, other times it is right accross the shoulders and there is a constant grinding sound when i rotate my neck and clicking. i do a lot of exercise and dont really feel the pain when exercising i assume its ok when warmed up? i did mention it to my doctor but she wasnt very helpful, the problem is a cant really afford to pay for treatment, should i just speak to the doctor again? are there any products recommended that i could just buy to help? i have read about certain exercises but not sure if these will help at all, i can live with it but worried that it will just get worse and worse as i get older. thanks for the advice,


  • Could u ask ur doctor for a refereal to as neuro surgeon. Can u aford that? Perhaps some extrays or a MRI might show whats going on.Maybe a payment plan can be set up for u, I will addmit MRIs are exspensie from what i ha-e heard but they see things exrays dont pick up.
    Thats what we did... i had a MRI and that lead me to hae surgery and im in recoery now. But we hae good insurance... so u will need to see what you can aford. I would talk to your doctor one more time and see if she could order exrays or a MRI or at least send u to a specilist.Be sure she hears u and that this really bothering u.... Blessings to u and take it easy!Dont o-er do any exsersises...

    The only practical thing i can thin kof is to be sure u hae a good pillow,. One that is comfortabl. I saw a pillow that is being marketed now and after my collor comes off im thinking of getting one. Support for ur neck should help the neck as u sleep. Be careful!
  • I say you need to speak with your regular doctor again, and possible she can guide you on some treatment. It is possible they might do some basic x-rays and then set you up with some physical therapy. The popping and clicking could be a lot of things, but some basic x-rays would insure the disc height are normal and if they are in-line. If the x-rays show anything they might then set you up for a MRI. A good physical therapist even if money is tight could set you up with a home therapy program of proper exercise to do on your own. Good luck hope it all works out for you.
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  • Hi dan,

    Your post came up in my neck pain feed and I wanted to comment...There ARE pillows out there specifically designed to help with neck pain. To promote comfort and aid in attaining sleep faster, a pillow must feel soft and comfortable as you lay your head on it. In order to maintain sleep and specifically a deeper more rejuvenating sleep, a pillow must also provide support for the neck as you change positions during the night. For conventional pillows, these requirements are in conflict. A soft pillow will not provide the support needed for the neck and shoulders and a firm pillow is uncomfortable to the head making sleep difficult to attain.
    So basically, you need a pillow designed to provide both soft comfort for the head AND support for the neck.
    I'm not out to advertise OUR products, so I won't add links to our site or anything like that...but pillows for neck support DO exist and they should run you less than $50...worth a shot. Good luck and sweet dreams!

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