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doctors and narcitics,

startersstarter Posts: 42
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:54 AM in Pain Management
Hi a newbie here!
Im glad to find this forum.
Im 47 years old,. and hae just had two disks taken out and ones from a decessed person put in. zIts a long story how it was discoered i was in need of suregery.I had to wait sabout a month for the MRI. THEN I WASENT TO SEE THE SURGEON TILL aug!
it seems God had other plans because there was cancelation and i got in FAST.iT WAS A MIRACLE BEACUS EI THINK EERONE WAS SURPRISED BY WHAT WAS FOUND.
friends,,, the doctor who had done surgery on me 7 years before took a look at the MRI results and sasid i needed surgery now. He said something about 'it was getting dnagerous". two days later in in the operating room.

He let me stay two days and gae me 6o percocets script . I WILL ADMIT I HAE ERY LOW PAIN TOLERENCE.I take about two pain pills e-ry 4 to 6 hours plus flexeril three times a day. I take laium alos but was for a nerous condition anyhow ,,but hae learned that they alium treats muscle spsmas as well as anxiety.So im sure they will help ease the spasms along with the flexeril.
Im ok... if i take my meds. It itches inside my spine. IM alright if i take the meds. I also hae some left oer tramdol my regular doctor ordered for me before the results came in on the MRI. MY SURGEON WILL NOT GIE ANY PAIN MEDS FOR ANYONE IF HE DOES NOT OPERATE. Wile we were waiting for me to see him on the MRI results i was told my regular doctor was to be in charge of sny pain i had. So i ha-e this tramdol still around., I took my last one about 11 befor midnight.. last week,,, as i was to ha-e the surgery the next day.

im wondering how long the surgeons keep people on the strong meds before they put u back on the tramdol. Im not sure how the rules are and how long they alow u to stay on a strong narcotic untill they pull the plug. I hae only been on the percocets about 1o days and those days include the meds they gae me in the hopsital. What are your exsperinces and what and how do thease surgeons feel about letting thier patients stay on good quality pain managment meds fopr more then a week,
I just took my pain meds but een the typing is making my back hurt,> i guess im scared of haing my pain meds taken fromme when i still need them. It hurts after i take them but its bearable,. but i understand how careful and coinseratie the doctors are anymore.


  • Well I have had four spine surgeries. And it's been my experience after the surery you'll be on pain meds for about two months with the flexeral longer. I am sure every Doctor is different but there is such a fear of addiction along with new goverment guide lines. They won't keep you on them for long.
    Pain control in the US. has become a problem. I hope you heal fast.
    Good luck.
  • My pain surgeon kept my pain management for just over a year for both fusions. Like Rob said, it depends on the surgeon. Presently for me, all my prescriptions and pain medications are through my GP. Some GP's don't care for dealing with pain management, and refer you to a "PM" (Pain Management Doctor).

    If your hurting that bad, let your surgeon know, and from there he will either help you out, or direct you in the right direction.

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
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  • I wish you will get recovered very soon. Ya, in US it has become very difficult to get a doctor for pain management.
  • Hi, After my cervical surgery I really didn't need pain meds very long. Since I also have problems with my lumber I was switched over to pain mgmt. Maybe you can get a referral to pain mgmt. My pain mgmt does not prescribe long acting pain meds, but a variety of tratments. Injections, lidoderm patches, etc. Good luck to you.
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