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Wondering if i'm the only one!

kittykatsluvmekkittykatsluvme Posts: 7
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:55 AM in Chronic Pain
I posted in another area on here earlier.
It's getting late and my behind hurts from sitting so long.
I have had a Lamenectomy at L5 S1 3 yrs ago.
I am no longer able to sit/stand or walk for very long.
I have been diagnosed as having DDD and i'm going to have a spinal stimulator put in real soon.
I lost my last job about 8 months ago.I was cleaning houses and just out of the blue one day,i squatted down to pick up a mop bucket with bottles in it,nothing heavy...I felt a sort of pop in my lower right side of my back.I tried taking it easy for 2 weeks doing stretches etc...To no avail i could no longer do my job!I have since learned to describe it quite well as it happens too much now... It's very similar to the feeling you get when your knee pops out of place and you have to jerk it back real quick,then your sore for days...This is whats been happening to my lower back.If i stand too long or walk too much etc.
I can usually feel when it's about to happen now.It literally feels like my spine is popping out of place..It hurts sooo bad!!!
I have been told i have a small herniation but nothing needing surgery right now,so i'm suppose to get the spinal implant soon to help with my pain.
I was wondering if anyone else ever experienced this kind of problem and if so,what were you told about it?

Thanks in advance


  • I have no experience with the spinal implant, but I can totally relate to the "pop." I am a nurse, but ironically I didn't injure my back at work. I was lifting my daughter, 32 lbs at the time, and felt that infamous pop. However, mine was my mid-back. The MRI revealed moderate DDD and several herniated discs. I just had a two-level thoracic discectomy 4 weeks ago. The initial pain I had prior to surgery is nearly gone. Definitely much better. However, now I have pain on the other side, which may or may not be related to another disc that we know is herniated. I'm praying this doesn't mean another surgery.

    In any case, I hope that this spinal stimulator offers you some relief. I, too, lost my job as a result of my back injury. I was working on a busy cardiac unit and was on my feet a lot, as well as having to lift patients pretty often. I was able to do a little bit of work on pediatrics, which was much lighter, but as the pain progressed, even that became too much. So unfortunately I was let go. But, I'm starting a new job as a telephone triage nurse, which is a desk job, on Monday. As long as I'm sitting, I feel fine, so I'm totally excited about my new job. I, like you, find that if I stand too long, that's when the pain gets bad. It's usually after only 5 to 10 minutes of standing, too. And the longer I stand, the more intense the pain gets. It gradually wraps around my ribcage and to the front, and then shoots down my leg and causes pain that sometimes feels like sciatica. It's literally a mirror image of the pain I had on the other side prior to the surgery, except it's even worse. ::sigh::
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
    1997 laminectomy
    2007 repeat laminectomy and discectomy L4/L5
    2011 ALIF {L4/L5/S1}
    2012 ? bowel problems .still under investigation
    2014 bladder operation may 19th 2014
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  • My concern with the SCS implant is that once one is in place, isn't surgery off the table? You say that you're not a candidate for surgery "right now", but if you are in the future, will the SCS stand in the way?

    I'm just throwing this out there as I have no experience, just from what I've read and heard on here.

  • Hi Kittycats, no, you are not the only one out there. I also have a popping in my back. It can happen at any time for any reason tying my shoe or just getting out of my car.This causes me to miss work alot, up until now my boss has been very tolerant but I fear I will be losing my employment soon also. I just went for mylogram ct and am waiting for results, as I can not have an mri. I have a spinal implant. I have had little success with the impant, unless I sit exactly as I was when they programed it I get little relief from it. It is to the point that I am having it removed.I hope it works better for you, it is my understanding that it does not work for every one. I hope you get some relief soon, at least as much as you can anyway.
    Tom mooney
  • Not knowing what your issues are, or what methods of treatments you've been through, I have the same concerns as backache and Cath about the SCS. I've always heard that getting one implanted is a last resort after all other treatments and surgeries have failed to help. I would personally get another opinion about getting one implanted before going ahead with even the trial. If you have any questions about it, I would suggest making a post under the Spinal Cord Stimulator forum, or send a pm to haglandc, as she is very well versed and experienced with it and could answer a lot of questions you might have.

    Otherwise, good luck, I hope that you can find relief soon, and welcome to Spine-Health.
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
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  • I had a permant scs plus a pns put in in Dec '10, a revision of pns over L4, it helped my back a little(I now have failed back syndrome) nothing to do woth the scs just surgery 10 years ago for a lamnectomy on L4. The Pm that that put the stimulator in sent me to a new neursurgeon to doa revision on the L4 pns, (he couldnt be any close to it if he had his finger on it,lol. Well after the med rep tried several differant times to rproogramm, it still didnt get it. Ssssoooooo, HE sent me to another neurologist/pm, and wanted to try less drastic measures ie. differant meds, like adding Extended relief, and on was .05 mg methadone. It knowkde me on my rear, he said obviously you cant handle oral meds too well, not only that, the more expensave drugs like oxycotin, the real stuff not generic,my insurance wont cover, SO IM getting an intrathecial pain pump placed on 8/29/11 Never in a million years would I ever have tought of this. HE said the test would be sorta lke a spinal tap, I thoght OMG, Id heard and read they are extreeemly painful, Well It wasnt uncomfortable at all, he said NO Pain, anything in the least I wil stop and renumb, we he got into the intrathecial space got the spinal fluid to shht out, then flushed with streial salinie, then put in hydromophone, pulled the needle out put a bandaid on it and said to stay around the hospital till I saw him at 11:00, PS I dont think there was ever a time in my life when I had ABSOLUTLY NO BACK PAIN!!!!!Im keeping the scs in cause I love it for my legs, and he said it wouldnt interfere with the pump, and I alsked ehen I would stop the oral meds he said as soon as the pump is in, asked about crashing, he said no,b/c your brain has the need for a drug fulfilled. IM as happpy as a clam, or that 45 # lobster, that was spared his life by being put in a aquarium since he was such a odity besides they didnt have apot big enough for him. I read it in the front page of Y..oo. This has been my experiance everyone is differant but you have had to have tried many many differant types of pain relief for the insurance to cover it. The fill will run around $1200, every couple of months depending on the pump size and the amount of meds it will take to keep me pain free, It took Pat White a while to reach her majic # If you have pain pupmp questions shes the one to ask and she had her scs removed, I think, not sure. anyway good luck I hope and pray they get you the relief you need, I wish we could all live with out pain, but our bodies breakdown or we hellp them along... like I did lifting heavy bales of hay as ayoung girl, then helping my husbandn support a 10' satellite anteana 10 years ago when I heardand flelt my POP, and ungodly pain down my leg. Sorry this was so long, I just didnt want to leave anything out. you can pm me if you'd like. backpainzz Rose 53 yrs old...young again.
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