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Sciatica related to t-spine?



  • Kim,

    I have DDD and osteophytes at my T8/9/10 - but deemed not a surgery candidate, which is fine with me. I maintain chronic moderate to at times severe neuropathy around most of my rib cage 24/7 - I deal with it.

    As for sciatica, nerves issues can "work down" from the source, but from the T-spine, not common unless on the cord. Most (not all mind you) is caused L4 and below. The levels above hit the front of the thighs. I hope this helps, and too they find what is going on in your lumbar maybe?

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Hi Kim

    I found this info on another site:

    Thoracic disc herniation:

    Disc lesions in the thoracic spine can lead to either nerve root irritation or cord compression.
    Thoracic spine lesions can present with symptoms similar to lumbar disc lesions.
    In nerve root irritation, there may be shooting pain down the legs.
    There may be pain, paraesthesia or dysaesthesia in a dermatomal distribution.
    A thoracoabdominal sensory examination can help to determine the level of the lesion: nipple is innervated by T4; xiphoid by T7, umbilicus by T10; inguinal region by T12.
    Testing of the abdominal and cremasteric reflexes can help to identify myelopathy and cord compression.
    Cord compression:
    This is a neurosurgical emergency.
    Cord compression in the thoracic spine can produce paraplegia.
    There may be clonus or a positive Babinski reflex.
    There may be bladder/bowel dysfunction.
    Herniation of T2-5 can mimic cervical disc disease.
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  • Thank you! This information is very helpful and does answer my questions.
  • You're very welcome

    Hope you are having a 'good' day


  • I have this left leg pain also coming from t-spine. I want to kill myself from the pain, it's SO BAD!
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