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reaching the end of my short rope....

JulieAJJulieA Posts: 1,380
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:55 AM in Chronic Pain
I am in the midst of a flair (if not something worse). I have some pretty significant Thoracic disc protrusions with tears (I am thinking they are extruded now). About a month ago I tripped and fell to my knees. I didn't worry to much about the fall but looking back maybe I should have.

I started having more numbnes in my left upper leg/thigh. I mean it is now going completely numb. I am having worse pain around my thoracic cavity- right under my arms and around my breast and even wraped around the outside of my shoulders (like a noose is around me- I think they call it the ring of fire). It goes on pretty much 24/7. I stil have immense pain raidiating from the epi center that is dibilitating and grows worse after standing for a few minutes. The worse part is the "new" shooting pain going up my neck from under my arm pit.

My hands are both going completley numb at night and my feet feel like my shoes are too tight. I have lost about 7# in the last two weeks because I am constantly nauseated.

I know I sound like a major complainer but this is the only place I can vent. I see my PM this week but I feel like I need a new MRI and a trip to my NS. I think my appt is stil a month away. The car insurance hasn't paid a dime and I am now being forced by my health insurance to hire an attorney= not that I didn't want to, I just haven't found the right one (that would be one who would take my case)... I have about $20,000 in medical bills and don't even answer my phone any more. I am making payments each month but it is like throwing stones in a huge lake. How can I ask for more test when I owe so much?

I probably missed something but this is all I can stay awake for now.



  • I might suggest talking to the hospital you owe medical bills too and tell them you are broke. I know the ones here have programs that are provided by benefits and donations and WILL right the entire bill off. Doctors unfortunately don't work that way. Sounds like your in a world of hurt and the stress on top of it with the financial burden sure doesn't help matters any. I feel for you, I hope you find a lawyer soon. Good luck & take care. Remember, there is not much sense in worrying about things you cannot fix or change (bills). Easier said than done, but all the stress and worry does is make the pain worse.
  • Hi Julie! I'm so sorry to hear about your pain, and you do NOT sound like a major complainer! You sound like me... we have a lot in common! We have the same symptoms, except it's got my right thigh last night and today, and it's freaking me out since it won't go away! I'm also losing weight, skin and bones. I was in an MVA, and suffered a tear to my spinal cord which caused an arachnoid cyst (named Charlotte), started T2 - T4, and was T2 - T6, 5 months ago, last MRI. Like you, I've had some strange and sudden changes lately, but seeing my NS next week.

    If your NS won't see you, one option is go to the ER, especially if you're having "any" trouble breathing!!! Don't play with that! Plus, they can't turn you down if you owe money. Their NS can order a CT or MRI, one stop shopping! I have an MRI every 6 months to look for changes in the cyst. In between, if I have sudden scary symptoms, I call the NS, they move my MRI up and look for changes in Charlotte.

    Also, stress may have a lot to do with your sudden symptoms. My NS has explained, the symptoms vary with the pressure of the spinal cord fluid, and movement, stress, just about anything can make that change. If you have anything to take for stress or a muscle relaxant, that may help. Have you had a CT Milligram?

    I hope this helps and you can find out what's going on. I know too well, how scary those sudden symptoms can be! Please keep me/us posted!

    Tina >:D<

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  • Thanks Mousse- Unfortunately we are not broke (we have a nice home and good retriement savings) I am afraid we are going to be broke before this is over. I wont get paid to be off work and can't afford to take any time off. I work from home but I do work. I have several big work events where I will be on my feet all day coming up. This is freaking me out a little as well.

    Maybe I can have another injection (hate them but I am deserate).

    Thanks Tina- I am sorry to read about yout spinal troubles. This isn't my first Rodeo. I don't want to go to the ER. But I will if I feel like I have to. I see my PM tomorrow and she actually used to work with my NS as an assistant. I am sure she will call the NS and move up my appt if she thinks it is necessary.

    The thought of trying to lay flat for the MRI is another problem. Anything that touches my upper back hurts and I think they are going to have to knock me out this time. I had 3 MRI's since last fall and in November I had the CT with Myelogram. I think I am due. I guess I will call my NS office and talk to the nurse and see if they can simple order the MRI (they did it before) so I have it for the next visit.

    I appreciate the support :)
  • NS appt has been moved up to 8/22 (next Monday morning). I did ask for a mew MRI but they only called back with an earlier date.

  • Glad you got an appointment, Julie, that's good news. I hope everything works out for you.

    Sounds like you have the bull by the horns! ;) Hope you're feeling better! Sending good thought your way!
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  • Glad you got a sooner appt! My appt is on Tuesday, and I'm hoping to get some answers. Keep us posted!
  • Thanks Kim. I hope you start feeling better.

    I just saw my PM (I just love her). I told her I thought I needed to get a second surgical opinion and asked her about the doctors (NS) she used to work with. She chose one of them (female NS) and gave me a referral. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will get in.

    Monday can't some soon enough.

    >:D< to everyone,

  • I hear ya! I just wish we could fast forward through this weekend and get to Tuesday already.

    My pain has been through the roof today. I can totally relate to what you describe as the "ring of fire." That is exactly how it feels for me, but mostly off to the left side. I can also relate to feeling nauseated over it. Many days the pain gets so bad, it literally makes me sick to my stomach.

    I want off this roller coaster!
  • I just came from my NS office. I am having new mri's of the cervical and thoracic spine this Thursday. I am in so much pain (anything touching my spine) I am freaking out a bit at the throught of being flat pain I hope they can lay some foam down... He says to take a large dose of zanaflex before. I am going to have my daughter drive me home.

    He says I have cervical and thoracic myelopathy :( I cant get back in untill September 26th for my follow up. Of course if there are any "red" flags they will squeeze me in sooner.

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