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Herniated disc at L4/5 & L5/S1

Lili_InuLLili_Inu Posts: 627
I've been doing my PT exercises for symptoms that include burning in the back and leg pain for the last 4-5 weeks. The pain on my left side has gotten much better, but the right side has stayed the same. How long did it take for the pain in the leg to go away for those who had positive results from PT? My ortho says that if I still have leg pain in 3 weeks, I should go for an epidural steroid injection. Any advice is much appreciated! :)
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  • I herniated my disc at L5/S1 in May of 2010. I tried everything to avoid surgery. PT, chiro, massage, osteopathy, decompression treatments, medications and epidural steroid injections. While it is true that many people do improve with time, in my case I was not lucky in that way, :( . (I believe that the statistic is something like 60-80% of people heal on their own-- if it is a *bulging * disc-- I believe that tears are trickier?).

    The pain clinic gave me three steroid epidurals --and the injection did work the fist time and definitely took the edge off! The remaining two injections didn't do v much. In my case I opted for surgery and am a month post op and v happy (and grateful) for the positive results.

    Definitely worth a try though! You have time on your side! I wish you much luck and hope that you can find relief and that you are one of the lucky %'s of people that heal on their own!!!!

  • Mine started in March 2010 and still not gone despite PT. Symptoms have gone from mild to worse to excruciating, then better then worse etc. They keep changing and I have no idea whether or not my condition is improving or deteriorating. No luck where I am to get to see a PT often, or any other specialist, I haven't had an injection yet but it'd be nice to have a break from the pain...

    Definitely try an injection if you're offered one, it does work for some people! You can't have it too many times, but it's worth trying before considering an op. In fact, anything is worth continuing before considering an op, sciatica can take a long time to heal and it's best to avoid surgery.

    Good PT will definitely help (both before of after surgery), but I find it needs frequent sessions to ensure the exercises are productive – I tend to progress when I see the practitioner once a week, but have relapsed when not being followed up for 3-4 weeks... Then, when you're well enough, yoga or pilates should keep you in shape!
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