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This process has been a nightmare ......HELP

mykull1918mmykull1918 Posts: 13
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:55 AM in Pain Management
About a month ago i had an MRI and the results came back.....2 herniated discs 3 bulging discs and a a disc that was leaking fluid.Put me on muscle relaxers,oxycodone 5 mg.This is not working and my pain is getting worse.I finally got an appointment with a pain management doctor thinking this could help with some of the pain(didnt think i would suddenly be cured)I saw the doctor her asks me where my pain is i tell him,he hits my knee with a rubber mallet and tells me i need a series pf shots that will be performed in a month.I said ok is their anything you can do for me now i havent slept in a month and i have been trying physical therapy but its alot of pain and my meds arent really working.He replys we dont write scripts for medication and says shots then surgery and walks out of the room.I was in shock.I was under the impression that i was to try every avenue to avoid sugery.So i called my health insurance and explained the situation and told them i wanted to visit another pain management doctor and get 2nd opinion .He said there wasnt another one that my insurance covered and i couldnt see now im totally confused.So lastnight i go to look at the file the pain doctor gave me about my case and i see that it is the file of a 57 year old women who has had a stroke.really?????How can i feel comfortable now.I have Mass health and i am located just south of boston.I have no idea what to do and i dont know anyone i can turn primary care doctor sent me to these people.This is alot to deal with at the moment especially dealing with pain so bad i cant get through 30 mins of physical therapy and at this point my quality of life is not great.Any hekp would be appreaciated ...........thanks Mike


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,609
    There is no question that some folks experiences with trying to come up with a good plan for the spinal problems is a nightmare.

    Then there are others, the process works very smoothly.

    I do have a couple of questions:

    1 - Are you saying that your Health Insurance provider does not have any other pain management doctor in their network?

    2 - As a result of your MRI, what did your doctor do in terms of recommended action plans? How long did they plan for your physical therapy sessions?

    Many times, herniated and bulging discs mean the same thing. What makes a big difference is to the degree (size) the disc is bulging and if it is pressing on a nerve root. Look at our FAQ and there is a post that talks about those differences.

    I would contact that doctor who gave you the wrong files. I assumed you paid for those records, so you should have the correct ones.

    Meanwhile, you have to look into different alternative methods to help control some of your pain.
  • Mike,

    Incompetence seems like it would be grounds for a new doctor.

    I would call your insurance company again and tell them about the incident and explain you want to be treated for your pain by a pain specialist not a pain interventionist.

    I would look for a clinic that does everything and specializes in treating pain not one who only uses injections. I had one of those when I first started. I would also call your PCP and tell him/her that you need a new referral and why. Do your homework first so you can discuss the various clinics/doctors.

    If your pcp gives you a referral you would think it would be ok. At any rate it sounds like they broke the Hippa laws by giving you someone elses file and I think that would be grounds for dismissal.

    You can also ask for a refferal to a NS/OS or a Neurologist. How is your pain & symptoms?


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  • strangely enough thats exactly what im saying.His exact words well thats the only person you are able to have consultation with under your current health plan.The doctor sent me to physical therapy and have been going for 3 weeks.Its alot of pain and on those days i have therapy the rest of the day is spent in miserable pain but im not giving up.The most difficult part is lack of sleep its slowly destroying any type of quality of life.THe doctor said to me yesterday.............YOUR BACK IS A DISASTER and then sent me on my way.Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary with my girlfriend.needless to say it wasnt a great one.I am lucky she is sticking around im constantly in pain and really cant move around.
  • my pain is constant.gets worse after moving around for a,sometimes traveling down my behind into my legs.gets worse at the end of the day.tryi g to sleep is a nightmare.Literally in tears late night.I dread the late night hours.
  • HI,
    I hate the way insurance companies now seem to decide what is appropriate treatment. And your dr giving you the wrong file? I would be in their face demanding an explanation,,,but that's me...I'm not recommending that as a course of action!!!
    I would suggest, getting the correct file and looking for a new dr. for sure. Maybe I can help with that issue!
    My son and his family live in Marblehead,MA (just north of Boston) and his wife is a nurse anesthetist... When my son blew a disc badly last year, and had to be carried out of the house on a stretcher, his wife hooked him up with a fantastic ortho surgeon... Then, due to the fact that I think he inherited my spine, he had another minor herniation, and had another surgery this spring.....this one was much less that the first in healing and recovery. He is now back to biking (with grandson in baby seat), does walks of up to 15 miles, and is feeling good! He was always very athletic, and though he's changed his work out patterns, he's a happy camper, so to speak!
    I will call his wife, and if you'd like me to, I will private message you with the dr. name and info..also will try to find out if they take your insurance...
    We have to get you healthy and back to having a life with less pain. I don't know what this dr would tell you, but it may be worth a shot!

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  • HI again...forgot this part....try to sleep on your side, with a pillow between your knees. It takes the pressure off the lower back and aligns your hips better. Hope it helps - it works for me!
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