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operation or not



  • I was thinking the same when I saw a fusion ,and a ARR at the sane time?, far as my back goes,I'm confused on what to do?,..the pain I have now is real,.compared to just a year ago,its a lot worse,I'm afraid if I don't try something its gonna get worse,Adr as come along way since 2004,new techniques ,..and new artificial pieces ,I understand the risks ,but my head is spinning on what to do?,..I have 2 herniated discs ,with degenerative disc disease on top if it,and bulging discs ,.doctor says I can get away with just 1 disc replacement ,the pain you have it is what I have now ,before any operation ,I can turn in bed ,sometimes I can't even get out of bed ,I can hardly bend over ,I have shooting pain in my back going down my leg ,
  • I am thinking how worse couldit be ,I have nerve damage already,it doesn't fix it may be the, worse it will be just the same ,it's not gonna get any better down the road it will be worse ,always have that
    what if?
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  • hmmm I just reread my post and thinking perhaps that was a day I was on alot of pain killers! I had a l4/l5 fusion. Im sorry for the confusion, morphine will do that:) lol... I had a herniated disc with an annular tear. One Dr spoke of ADR, however 2nd dr said I also had DDD and he wouldn't waste his time with adr, but recommended fusion...Again 21 days out and happy with decision.

    I have been experiencing the pain from my right buttock to toes..Dr told me those r the nerves and hopefully will improve in 3 mths. I hope so as that pain is worse than original back pain.

    good luck with ur decision, it is a hard one to make as for every success you hear 2 failed..
  • Well yes its posible sure if you think its geting to the point where it will cause more damage by not doing anything then i can understand wanting it done,

    About the adr, i know they been doing it now for a while, but i have to tell you it has its complications, I talk about this with each dr i see these days and almost all of them say its not all its intended to be, and has way more serious complicarions then the fusion they been doing for much much longer,

    If your l4l5 disc is that shot then you probably yes have to get it fused or adr,

    In my situation i wish i would of just had the fusion and avoided the complication that came with this adr, So i cant recomend it to anyone, Many do fine with fusion as long as no nerves are damaged and such, If you know you cant walk already and such then yes get it done, you mentioned nerve damage, I dont think you can know yet if the nerve is actualy damaged or just agrivated,

    It might be just agrivated so if pressure is removed it might heal just fine, Best of luck on whatever you decide to have done,

    Sarah: ok so no adr just fusion. Got it lol. Thats what i thought. Good luck with your recovery,
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • Sarah & Alex.,..Thanks for your help,appreciate it,..I'm def.going to ask my Doc about this ADR,and If he thinks I'ts right for me,going to ask about all the compplications and compare it to fusion,..I'm Def.gonna have to do something,..this doc I have Is very good,highly respectable,..and one of the only Docs around here that has ADR experience,.I did ask him about the ADR wearing out,and faulty,..he said maybe in about 15 or 20 years time?,.I figured if i'm careful with my back and dont do anything excessive,..maybe longer?,..the only thing with fusion Is the healing time compared to ADR,and hospital time,...I'm going for a (discogram)<<spelling?...In a couple of weeks,to get a more detailed look,..then going for appointment follow up,..I will make sure I go over everything ya'll have said to me,and take it from there,..If he is very sure that this ADR Is a better choice for me,..I trust his opinion,..and will have to take it from there,..I will make sure he understands my concerns....thank you all so very much....did any of you have a (discogram)<<<or what ever you call it painful bad?
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  • Talk to more then just 1 dr. Ask them what hapenes if it does migrate or wear out what do they do, Because all i been told is that nobody will go back in from the front because risk is very high of death of bleeding out because all the scar tissue up front aproach after the 1 st surgery.

    Also find out which adr he wants to use, In my view fusion might be long time to heal but good things are worth the wait, And 1 level fused is not a great loss of movement to some people, and many live long happy pain free life without serious complications,

    This guy i known for years a friend of the family had multiple levels fused years ago, I never knew until he told me after i had fusion, You would never know it by looking at him and very active guy. Fishing. Runing his machine shop,

    I have a buddy who is a welder was fused lower back. Still works and no problems at all. I wish i was as lucky.

    Just talk to more then 1 dr is all. I dont wish my condition on anyone, dr,s on adr to date are about 50/50. Some are trying to prove that they dont have natural body mechanics and cause much stress on the si joint and such. Many of them claim we have a ways to go before the adr for lower back works like it should.

    But they said adr works beter for neck then back. Lol sorry but this is all the info i got in the last 8 years after my adr surgery, Just trying to help, not trying to make your decsion by any means, Where you from?
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • I live in northern nj,..I might just go with your suggestion and get fusion,because its been around longer,and more proven,.my first back doctor just wanted to do PT,and didn't even want to give me pain meds, is useless to me, cousins wife had fusion done,the first doctor that did operation screwed up on her back,she is now seeing the doc that I'm seeing also,she's live him., I would imagine that a lot of the outcome depends on the doc you have, that case I'm reassured in my operation on the outcome,..but what you say makes a lot if sence about fusion,..easier to repair and all,..I will highly consider your make a lot if sence
  • If you have questions or your Dr makes you feel uncomfortable, I would get another opinion, it's always good idea. Good luck with decision. I can understand pain, I also live daily with extreme pain.
  • I made up my mind to cancel the operation for now, and holding out as Long has I can,
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