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Personality Changes



  • It went well, going back next week. Just a lot of history today about me and my spinal issues. It was nice talking to someone who has no idea and no judgements on me.
    I need to do the memory thing your doing I think because he was asking me questions that I had a hard time remembering either because I blocked them or just plain forgot. Funny how with chronic pain remembering decreases because it is what your life is focused around.
    I would rec counseling to anyone with chronic pain just to have someone to talk to.
    I am praying for you and your long (ouch) appointment
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,241
    As is usual..good news..bad news.
    Good news..No dementia... and changes are not due to psychiatric reasons...not due to depression.

    Other news... My not being able to attend is due to cerebral vascular changes and although is not reversible...I just need to compensate.

    Mostly with being more open with family and friends.

    I'm not able to "attend" in usual everything so fast I just tune out.
    However, if emergency, I function better, but then may forget.

    Since one can't live at emergency status at all times...this is the new me. Ta-da!

    It also affects my thinking to be very disorganized, so when I do..say a project with the computer and try to do it's like relearning. I can't just repeat what I previously did.

    Oh, well. I certainly have time to keep trying.

    My depression is very high and in need of new meds. But it is an additional situation not causing all this forgetfullness. Although, the docs say it's not forgetfulness, it's that I didn't "attend' in the first place.

    Whatever, it's not my fault. I can't try harder and make it better.I must say, that is a relief, because I can't try to be any better and that feeling a failure is gone now. It's permanent changes in my brain....all the strokes.

    Guess it doesn't matter how big the strokes..they leave their mark. And it wan't TIAs but indeed strokes.

    This does make communication about the pain a little more difficult..but now I'll just make sure all docs have this report and they should be a little more understanding.

    Thanks for being there, you guys! I appreciate you all so much!

    Here's to a not so aweful day for all of us!
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  • I am sorry it was not so good news, but I am glad you found out what was going on. Strokes do cause so many different issues no matter how small they are they are related to the brain and that is big. I am glad the feeling of failing is diminishing because not one of us have failed we just have to change our ways and accept some terrible things. ( my counselor taught me that :)
    This evaluation hopefully will make the doctors much more understanding as well as you as to what your limits are. I to am very forgetful I am 39 my grand mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer when she was 53 and I sometimes think oh man am I the lucky one who got it now. My doctors say no it is the medications Cymbalta alone can make you feel fuzzy and not remember as much then the Morphine well that is another story. I am having a hard time dealing with it myself and is why I started counseling.
    Together we will all get through this and survive...That is why we are all lucky enough to be brought to this site so we can help each other. I am here for you and so is everyone else.
    Have a great great day today the sun is shining here and that always makes me feel better.
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