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pain down right leg...was left.

bigchevsgirlbbigchevsgirl Posts: 2
I don't post much to this forum and I probably should. But I am in need of some advice. I am 32 and currently have had 4 back surgeries. And now I've been having problem with my back for 2 years that they say nothing is wrong. I have pain that starts in my lower back and shoots down my left leg. Well recently it did go away. But I woke up this morning with a good amount of pain shooting down my right leg now.

I've had injections after injections and nothing seems to work. They have told me before that my disc are gonna get smaller smaller. But after I had a mylogram it came back ok.

So why all of a sudden did the pain move? Please email me at

Any advice would be nice.


  • Wish I could give you some good answers. I can only say that many of us have pain that moves around and usually more than one trouble spot. Not sure about how old you are but with age comes age related disease and if there was trauma involved many areas can be affected.

    May I ask why you have had to endure 4 back surgeries already?

    Epidurals have not worked for me for a very long time.

    Hope you find some answers.
  • Nerve pain is complex and often we don't get an explanation as to why it changes. It depends where the nerve gets touched/irritated, which varies according to the degree of inflammation and muscle tension around it – well the inflammation comes and goes, the pain causes tension in further parts of the body etc. In a herniated disc, I think that the disc's fluid (or core) contains chemicals that further irritate the nerve.

    My own pain's moved from buttock to sacro-iliac joint to thigh, calve then heel, it changes from week to week but is probably caused by a single problem. I think I have felt something on the other side too, but it's short and rare. A friend of mine gets chronic sciatica every other month or so and in both legs. I suppose that if a disc is bulging in the middle of the spine rather than to the side then you can feel it in either leg?

    Have you had a scan to confirm that nothing is wrong with your back? If so, get another one, or another diagnostic on that scan! Injections are often only temporary solutions, they decrease the inflammation briefly to give your disc a chance to get back in place, but if your disc needs more time to heal then you're back to pain in no time. If they keep degenerating (which they all do a bit, with age at least) you might end up needing an op... Meanwhile look at vitamins and supplements that can make them stronger (am trying glucosamine at the moment, though I couldn't say if it helps – definitely made my nails grow!).

    Look at videos about sciatica prevention, even if you're already suffering you need to know what could make it worse (bending forward for instance, or sitting). Learn to practice basic exercises and to avoid certain moves - it's a tip for the rest of your life.

    I don't know if any of this is useful to you, I just talked from my experience but it might not apply to you. Sounds like you've been through all sciatica, pain, injections and ops, but still know very little about your condition? You don't mention physical therapy, yet it is key to maintaining a healthy back... I hope you get some answers soon.
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