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Whats the Hardest to deal with ?

dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:56 AM in Matters of the Heart
Since you are all here, I know that you have some kind of spinal condition and are looking to get more information to hopefully minimize your pain.

Over the years, I have met so many different people. Folks from all parts of the USA, from various countries, with different backgrounds, old, young , or in between. I read so many different posts, and have discuss so many different problems.

So,I was thinking about listing some of the common problems people deal with and see what you all think about them.

In no priority or importance order.

1 - This is my first spinal problem, I dont know what to do.
2 - I had a MRI report, but I have no idea what it all means. Can someone help me?
3 - None of the medications I am taking help with my pain.
4 - My doctor doesnt listen to me, should I find another one?
5 - The ESI. Does it work, how long does it take?
6 - I am a working Mom and cant take my pain medications when I am taking care of my children.
7 - My wife/husband/SO doesnt understand my situation. This is making it all so much more difficult.
8 - My surgery failed, I am in more pain now.
9 - My doctor doesnt give me enough pain medications.
10 - When can I go back to work after surgery?
11 - I am too young to have back problems.
12 - My doctor wont prescribe pain medications for me, because I am too young.
13 - My life is over, I am in pain every day. I cant do what I used to do.
14 - I have nothing to live for, my pain is intense, my wife/husband/so left me, no one understands me, etc
15 - Fill in the blanks ________

I know there are many more, but I wanted just to start with the ones I've come across the most


  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,361
    What's the hardest to deal with?

    For me, I think it's the fact that I have a hard time doing everything I've always done without paying for it later. Then anger at myself for the time it takes me to recooperate enough to start my next "project". I tell myself that I'm not going to do it anymore but I do and will. That's just the way I am so I may as well quit lying to myself.

    Denial and anger. I guess I've really learned nothing have I? :?

  • Hmmmm. What hapened to: 16 Help me! I cant handle all the idiots around me!
    17 Help me! I have not got laid in over a year!
    18 Help me! I cant get up!
    19 Help me! Why do some people just talk and talk and talk just because they like to hear themself talk!
    20 Help! I cant flush the toilet, You think i need more fiber in my diet? Please help me!
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
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  • for me my current obstacles are being only 27, turning 28 on nov 3rd. being a single mother of a 3 yr old with complete custody, not getting the right pain meds. 2400mg of gabapentin doesnt cut it most days. tramadol are tic tacs and a joke. MRI next week, hoping from there i can get my doctor to take me seriously and not look at me like im a drug addict even though i get drug tested for a minimal supply of percadone that will last me 2weeks. i cant take tylenol bc my liver enzymes are always up due to 300mg of effexor xr, and 100mg of seroquel. no asprin, motrin etc bc i have on and off stomach ulcers since i was 19. survivor of physical.verbal.sexual abuse from parents as well as boyfriends so not only am i mentally stewing in the juices of ptsd, im fighting with my thoughts to shut up and stop thinking about the physical pain hammering into me from head to toe on a daily basis. everyone says im so young.. people find it hard to believe. i have an MRI next week. hoping to see something other than the "its all in your head" fibro diagnosis. the other day i saw someone post on facebook that fibro is "the catchall for hypochondria".
  • I spent a long time in hospital. It was the first and only time since I had my tonsils removed, age 6.

    I discovered I had entered a parallel universe about which I knew nothing. To the staff I was just another face on the never ending merry-go-round that is their world 365 days of the year, year in year out. But to me it was all weird, all strange, all scary. The noises, the smells, the words they used, flashing lights and strange, scary objects, big and small. I didn't want to be there! Help!

    After I had been there a few weeks, I was used to the routine (why sick people need to be awake at 6.30 am is still beyond me!), I knew most of the nursing staff on the ward and some of the doctors and I paid little attention to the various beeping sounds unless they stopped suddenly, just like the nurses.
    I got to know what some of the equipment was for and I had no interest in finding out what the function of the rest of the stuff was in the certain knowledge that it would be something quite revolting to an outsider like me.

    And I observed the arrival of the newbie patients and recognised their anxious confused expressions as the hospital hustled and bustled around them oblivious to their concerns.

    So I became the old veteran, helping the new intake adjust and answering the questions they didn't know how or felt too embarassed to ask the medical staff for fear of appearing stupid or wasting their time.

    I think these boards are a bit like that. Discovering you have a serious spine condition is hard to get your head around and there are all sorts of consequences which could not have been anticipated, such as how people close to you react to you. You are overwhelmed by anxiety about the future, the pain you are feeling, how you will cope.

    It comes to us old lags to answer some of those concerns in a way that doctors can not
    and offer support that comes from having "been there".

    I'm not young enough to know everything - Oscar Wilde
  • posted twice!
    I'm not young enough to know everything - Oscar Wilde
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  • I'm not dealing with a w. oomp issue thank god, but it seems like it is very common for people to have huge frustrations with w. comp. I have talked with many of people on sh, that come on and have a surgeon that wants to operate due to potential nerve damage and w. comp is dragging their feet. Its hard enough dealing with a spine problem let alone feeling like they are doing permanent damage to their bodies because they feel a company is trying to save a buck.
  • I would have to say that I am scared my bf of almost 4 years won't stay around cause of my up and down emotions since I got hurt and now on pain meds. Is it me or does everyone have this reaction with them?
  • It really depends on if he's there and he's committed to you. I had my husband come with me to talk to a PM Dr. about pain meds and how we need to function with them but even then I still have a hard time with him understanding why I take meds like duh why doesn't he get it? It's not easy but hope he's supportive and there for you?

    I find when I was taking Percocet my emotions were all over the place and do better with Oxycontin for some reason and also taking Cymbalta seemed to level out my emotions. Charry

    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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