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Really struggling

chattiecchattie Posts: 33
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:57 AM in Depression and Coping
I'm really struggling to cope at the moment I have now found out i have a 2-6month wait before I can get any help or diagnosis. I'm finding it really hard that no one around me understands what I am going thru and I am struggling that now my family always have some easy answer to explain away my illnesses. for example this weekend I was at my partners family gathering and his cousin ran out towards a busy road so with out thinking i picked him up a few minutes later I started to feel really dizzy and like i was going to throw up and my head was pounding with really bad pain in the back of my head. Next day I asked my mum if we could look into private health care and I explained to her my situation and her response was well you shouldn't have picked him up and my sisters was that happens to me if i bend down fast. I was so frustrated I tried to explain that its not normal to have that happen but they always explain it away.


  • Chattie. Dont let it frustrate you, Many of us had same thing hapen where some family or friends dont get the simple idea that there is diferent level of pain, They compare a pulled muscle they had once where they could not move for a while, They dont understand usualy that if you have pain all day every day is way worse then any oain they ever had or will ever have,

    Suck it up is a common saying by many who dont have the same level of pain, Just ignore the people who dont understand because they can drive you crazy, Just think of what you have to do to get beter and thats all you can do,

    When you are the only one who is aware of your pain, you are the only one who will totaly understand, Good luck.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions
    It's just really frustrating I'm only 20 so still rely on my parents for support etc and it feels like if I can't even tell them how I am feeling who can I talk to!!
    Somedays you just want people to know how your feeling and not recieve some explaination as to what you should/shouldn't have done that will have caused it! I don't want to have to walk around in a bubble for the rest of my life for fear of being told off for doing something
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