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Life of Darkness

tkdanttkdan Posts: 62
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:57 AM in Depression and Coping
Life of Darkness

Life has become sad,
Most happening is bad:

Life offers no refuge,
From drowning in the deluge:

Life seems so grim,
As the light within goes dim:

Life is slipping away,
In sight not another day:

Life is lived than lost,
All mistakes must cost:

Life makes one cry,
A longing beckons to die:

Sorry for the dark poem.... Sometimes it helps me to write even if it is not very cheerful....


  • This is a very sad poem :(
    I hope that better days are coming for you!
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,241
    You are right about writing stuff journeling. The hand will start writing stuff that even surprises the head...the mind.

    The interesting thing is sometimes when we "see what we're thinking" can help us address the painful issues.

    Some of us tend toward this sadness more than others. I get it. I do.

    And sometimes it's difficult to listen to...or even believe others with their counsel or attempt at encouragement.

    The cool thing is it seems your sadness may be reaching out to the caregiving part of you.
    Maybe a reeval with doc. I know my antidepressants will work for awhile ..then not..and it's back to trial and try again.

    But I remember when I did have good results and this how other people always feel? ..content and dare say happy?

    So I know it's possible and I cont to work towards that. I hope you can hold on to past successes for the strength to talk with med maybe..but let doc know.

    I'm in a bit of a free fall myself right now, so I say to myself what I say to you. I'm getting ready for further evaluation & I trust better management for my depression.

    Also, in no way am I trying to say anything like I truly know what you're going through. We're all so individual...but I feel I identify with your writings and I'm just sharing how I try to care for myself.

    You're not alone. This site...great people...we'll get through it all together. )
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  • writing is a great outlet for the unformed un known ides of the pain your in, you can see where your going sometimes by just listening to the still quiet voice within that begs to be heard.

    I know your hurting, biut I also know it wont last forever, unless you either want it to, or let it control the basic essential you.

    There will be light, all you have to do is be on the look out for it when and where ever it may appear.

    Good poem, keep writing and even better let us fellow spineys give you a shoulder up!

    keep that chin up and look for the light always!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

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