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latest update on my recovery post infected hardware removal

nelnnel Posts: 401
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:57 AM in Recovering from Surgery
Hi guys!

I just thought I would give a little update on my progress.

I am just over 8 weeks post op now and am still feeling pretty rough. On a positive note quite a lot of my back pain is easing off and I have more mobility now. On a negative I am exhausted still.

My GP has now said that I won't be going back to work until after Christmas. It is a rellief, actually, because it means I have time to get better.

It turns out that having had this infection for so long (PLIF two years ago with signs of a deep infection appearing about 18 months agao) my body has had enough. She had already warned me to expect to take 12 months to fully recover and says that I am actually doing well. My activty level is restricted to about a couple of hours out and about maximium at the moment but I am building up slowly.

I have just had to alter my expectations of my days so that I don't feel too disappointed with the little I can achieve.

I have read a lot of books and can manage to do some cooking - I can even manage to do a little bit of shopping for ingredients now!

I am sure I will get there in the end - I am better now than I was 6 weeks agao it is just taking a long time.

Anyway, I will be seeing the surgeon on 31st for blood test results. I just hope that they come back clear, I don't want to have to deal with anymore surgery thank you very much!



  • You've been through a lot, so not surprised that you're still feeling exhausted. Good too that you've got the rest of the year to heal before having to go back to work - takes some pressure off, doesn't it.

    It's hard accepting limitations, but hopefully you'll be able to do more as the weeks go by.

    Hope your blood test results come back clear.


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  • What a relief to have been given more time to recover so that you can heal properly! And, during the holiday season you can be home and focus on yourself and your loved ones!!

    I know it is difficult to have to change your expectations to fit into your body's abilitities. But, you will get there! The finish line is within your sight, finally!! :)

    Take care my friend and enjoy your outings! :)

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  • Thanks guys! I am sure I might actually have gone insane without all the support I feel from being able to chat to you all.

    I do feel a bit lighter not having to worry about work for the time being. It is still a bit strange to think that I have been pretty seriously ill. I am being so patient with myself - honest! I hardly recognise this person!! Mind, I think my hubby has paid a few times, catching the end of my patience if you know what I mean?

    My gp did seem sure I would get better so I am going to believe her. She has been the only one to believe me this whole time - well since I saw her in april anyway.

    Well I will keep you informed of all developments. Hope you have a minimal pain day at least.
  • Hi Nel

    So happy to hear you're doing well. I also felt exhausted for the first three months after my revision, and now at almost 6 months out much better.

    My surgeon has also warned me to conserve energy and pace myself for the next 6 months too. In super news, my fusion is now almost complete and the infection still gone.

  • Best wishes, and good luck,
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  • How did you get a infection so long after?
  • Hi all!

    Emily - thanks for letting me know how you were doing at this point. It is hard to know what is normal when the complication is "infrequent"! It is good to know that you are doing well - I have wondered how you were getting on and guessed that no news was good news! I hope the infection stays gone for you.

    Alex - thanks - I do feel I need some good luck tbh!!

    Bedawgs - hmmm. Now that is a question. I don't think I actually developed the infection late I catually think it was the inital wound infection that I got 10 days post op and it wasn't treated aggressively enough at the time. I also had symptoms of an infection from about 6 months post op but kept being fobbed off. In short my surgeon was a bit of an ass!

    I have another meeting with said "ass" this afternoon when he will review my xrays and let me know my blood results. I really hope all is ok and I can start physio at least.

    Anyway, will update you all later.
  • My bloods are back to normal and my xray shows fusion and no collapse so my surgeon says that "we are winning".

    He said I can do whatever I want now but then when I asked about swimming he said OK but only once a week! So it seems that when he says go back to normal that isn't really what he means! He says I have to be patient (bored of hearing that now) but what he said all agreed with what my GP had said so I am assuming it is all good advice. So I can do once a week trips to the pool for 2-3 weeks and then I can increase to twice a week pain/exhaustion depending.

    Still no physio - he says a physio will push me too hard (I do that to myself enough I think) and so I will wait until the new year to address my glute weakness.

    Anyway - all good I think, just need a RX for patience now....
  • Nel

    After pushing and a lot of direct questions I did get the honest truth about what one can and can't do after one of these redo's for infection ... Nothing than can make you fall. Nothing that is bumpy. My surgeon specifically said that for 2 years all I can do is walk, swim and exercise cycle. He feels that the bone needs to harden for all of that time for the fusion to be safe.

    Also no physio for me, for the same reason. One week off in eight until a year out. Because there really isn't another chance for me. Too much bone loss.
  • That is crazy,my surgeon at 6 months post op on my back did a white blood count to see because of the pain,he told me it would be high if any infection,but thank the Lord it was normal,Im just going to have to deal with it and mine is due to 2 back surgries from the back.But im thankful I didnt have to go through a infection,that must have benn hard on you.
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