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blazerblazer Posts: 778
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:57 AM in Depression and Coping
Hi all'

Hoping maybe someone could tell me if my PM doctor could diagonse and treat me for depression.
Could it be added to my w/c list of more things going wrong with me.
All this stuff is building up and getting worse.

Thanks in advance.


  • Your PM Dr. could help with an anti-depressant or your Primary Dr. Actually it was the PM Dr. who recommended Cymbalta for mine as well as it helps nerve pain and lower back pain also. I'm not on WC but know my Dr. said disability companies look at all your issues including depression. All the best. Charry
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  • It is really common for chronic pain patients to use an anti depressant. As far as w. comp goes, who knows they seem to make weird calls on stuff sometimes, but I would ask your pm doc about it. Usually by the time we realize we need something to help out with depression its something long overdue to deal with and as for me they have helped me a ton in dealing with living in pain. Another benefit of an antidepressant is that they also help with pain. Good luck and let us know.

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  • From what i know another dr will treat the depression not the pain dr,

    Depression yes goes along with pain and both friends of mine who was on w/c also had treatment from pain dr and another dr for the depression. As long as pain dr is aware what meds other dr gives you everything should be cool with w/c and such,

    Good luck,
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  • Charry,mitch, alex.

    I called my PM office yesterday, and left message with his nurse. Still havent heard from them so i just left another message.

    While granted i know i'm got depression, and its partially related to this injury but probably not entirely, i'm hoping the PM will be able to switch me off the neurotin and replace it with cymbalta.

    I need something to change my moods.
    When you feel like your going thru all this by yourself, its mentally exhausting.

    Thanks again.
  • I had a bad reaction when i took the cymbalta. With oxycodine. First time the ambulance came to the house and took me down to silver cross. Same time i ended up with an ulcer of the stomach. Along with h pylori. Not sure if finaly the meds caused the stomach lining damage to where the cymbalta rushed in my system or what,

    I turned real white in color and had trouble breathing. Scared the crap out of me,

    I took antibiotics for months to kill off the hpilory bug that you can have along with the ulcer. I thought i was dying.

    Just reduce the stress blazer somehow, That incident i speak off hapened after i lost my dad so might of had a lot to do with stress, pain and such,

    Stress will cause all kinds of chit , depression, more pain, stress causes more acid in your stomach so its all bad,

    You want me to send mary over to your house in a bikini? Maybe you wont have so much stress?
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
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  • It can be the medications causing depression to, I doubt it but it can be. I have been crazy with this fentanyl patch and the PM doctor made me a appt for Mon to assess the need to change medicines again.
    I am sure it is not all of it, I get very depressed when I have increased pain,stress like Alex said will cause everything to increase.
    Cymbalta worked wonders for me, after my first surgery when the depression and pain made me a mess. It isn't working much this time around with the depression but is still helping the nerve pain.
    Anything is worth a shot I would weigh all the options that the doctor gives you before you agree to something.
    As far as going through this alone you aren't we are all here going through it with you. We all feel alone at some point.
    I know exactly how you feel right now.
  • I would have to agree, with you dealing with losing your dad, along with taking them meds, it all just caught up to you.

    Sheryl, thats what my PM is thinking also. All the meds but he specified the chantix.
    I told them i only took the chantix for 5 days, and then quit cold turkey after that, but they wont do anything until i see them in person, and that is 11/08.

    So just need to handle it, and see what happens next week.

    O and Alex the part about Mary in her bikini <:P ;) >:D< 8}
  • Hey Jim,
    I see Alex is volunteering my body once again. I will have to read few times a day to keep up with him.

    Please don't ever feel you are alone, you may have nobody around you at home, but you have all of us.

    And we really don't live so far apart, you should meet up with Alex, really he may joke alot but i have met him and he's big teddy bear.
    In a thong of course so that may just send you over the edge.
    Really tho if you ever need someone to talk to we are here for you.
    I get days into wks I get so very down on myself and I just distance myself from my family I don't want them to see me in pain or crying.
    Call your primary doc today and tell them you really need to talk to someone so you can get on the meds if you need to.
    And believe me I would depress you more in a bikini.
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  • I haven't been very good at keeping up on posts here, so thought I'd check in.

    I hope you've been able to see your doctor by now and get some help. Something else that is very worthwhile, if you have the financial ability, is some counselling. Dealing with chronic pain is bad enough, but when you start grieving over the loss of who you were, what you used to be able to do, etc., it compounds the anxiety and the stress. I think we've all been where you are, at one point or another. The fact that you recognize you need help is great - I hope things are better for you this week.

  • Mary;Sheryl; Tracy;
    i dont think it so much being alone, as my daughter lives with me, and my son and future dil, are 15 minutes up the road.
    Its more just being completely over-whelmed(sp), with too much at once, and trying to cope and make all the right decisions on my own,
    Knowing that if i make a wrong choice, it could make things even worse, i feel like i'm constantly walking on eggshells.

    When we were a family, i always said that if anyone of us were hurt or in trouble, it affected us all.
    And now i feel like at anytime i could make a wrong choice and completely ruin what is left of my family and sanity.

    And to top it off try to maintain, your lives when 1/2 of my paycheck from work is going to my ex for alimony.
    My son and daughter told me last weekend, they think their mom is bi-polar, which dont surprise me with what she has done to us.
    Hell that will give her more reason to collect from me. The state will not wanna support her, so they will make me continue supporting her.

    I seen my PM today, and he doesnt want to put me on cymbalta until after my next surgery, so he will just be replacing the neurotin, with cymbalta.

    Sorry for ramblin.
    Have a nice day.
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