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  • lol ... I ramble all the time :) Makes me feel better. I think many of us mean alone not by physically being alone but emotionally I guess I always have someone with me lucky me ::- but often feel alone, because no one is feeling what I feel.
    You have a lot to deal with right now and quitting smoking on top of it and you are doing an awesome job ...
    Oh believe you they will make you pay instead of having to pay for someone with an illness ...I went after my x husband for child support his gf took him got him diagnosed with Bipolar blah blah and at the hearing they said you make more money then him he is ill and you get nothing funny his ill butt worked 70 hours a week at one point until I finished nursing school and he expected me to take care of him which I stupidly did.
    So he never paid a dime of child support and when it was his Christmas to have the kids I had to buy they presents.
    I had to provide gas money for visitation and so on... lol
    Did that from the time of our divorce 2004 til this year, when he died. Yet he was remarried.
    I am sorry for all the things falling on you at once, but hey thats how it works wouldn't be life if everything didnt come falling on your head..
    When is you surgery? DId you have your nicotine test ?? I am excited for you to get better
    Have a great day
  • Hi; and thanks.

    Sad the way people work the system, and the laws are set up to let them do that.
    The politicans did it that way to protect themselves, and their friends,
    I'm probably gonna get screwed some more. I'm always gonna have my ex's cheating ways haunting me.

    I took the pee test, and the results are negative, which i already knew they would be.
    So now the rest is up to w/c, i've done everything i needed to, so now their turn to approve this 2nd surgery.

    Now just waiting on them, and still dealing with damn ex, with more money issues.

    My best to ya.
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  • Cheating spouses are everywhere believe me I had one and a couple boyfriends. I was lucky though none worked alot to give me anything so I just left everything and said good bye .. See your kids when you want.
    Oh our good friend w/c... they are the slowest agency I have ever seen. At least on my end. I finally got a reimbursement check for mileage that I submitted in Sept lol . I hope they come through soon to get you feeling physically better. I will pray for you on that.
    I was told the other day I have to wear the bone growth stimulator for a year :( and see if anything grows ( which everyone really already knows it won't) then think about surgery for the third time. All I do is cry, let them try to have a cage in their spinal canal and screws pinching everytime you move and live with it for a year, anyway oh poor me I know many have it much worse.
    I hope you hear from w/c soon and do not be afraid believe me to call the insurance company yourself and bug them thats what I do when I need them to get me something and it usually works.
    Take care have a great day.
  • Good to hear you quit! I hope wc approve this surgery soon for you. It's not fair you have to pay half for your wife and hope you have a good lawyer. Vent away anytime and hoping to hear of your surgery date. Prayers still and hugs. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Sheryl; How in the heck to they expect you to wear that thing for a year. thats nuts.
    I have a lawyer for my w/c case, so i cant call w/c. All communication between them and me, goes thru the doctor or lawyer.

    Charry; Thank you.
    I'm gonna try to get this alimony stopped, but all these lawyers for divorce want at least $1000 dollars before they start doing anything and i dont have it.
    Cant afford to keep paying alimony and should'nt have to pay it. And cant afford a lawyer to get it stopped.

    Gotta figure something out!

    My best to ya.
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