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Depressed at 28

IsthereananswerIIsthereananswer Posts: 15
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:58 AM in Depression and Coping
SINCE LIFE AS I ONCE LIVED IT (& I WAS A WILD MAN (ie. Soccer, skiing, car wreck w/ no injury, now 28 with "a 65 yr old neck" according to one OS Specialist 's diagnosis) NOW Choice up for discussion at this FORUM community: Your HELP IS one of LAST on my pre-op checklist ..timeline(12/08 ACDF C5/6 w/ alograft, 3/10 ACDF C5/6 w/ alograft revision, now after many, many different/competiting drs appts at multiple regional centers and specialties over last 2+ months, decision is toI have my third C/5C/6 fusion in just wks. and the top ATL NS has sent me to ENT appt for Swallowing and Vocal chord pre-op assessment test, its all good news- no swelling or prior scar tissue) at last i've decided my best option is with an Atl Dr who wants to use right anterior n stead of previsously used left side -drs way of tattoo if u ask me, have been out of work and nearly given up hope that i can ever regain my life- he wants to use the c5 bone to add BMP and fuse C4 to 6 for this one. What is the chance of my recovery this method with strong PT plan? Not overweight have any issues, but prior fusion has not been good bony bridge either time. The screws have compromised C5's "integrity" as another C5/6 would not stop this ongoing hell of constant neck pain usually dull, sharp with any movement, intensified by large osteophytes above prior fusions that i believe were caused by excess use of CMP's Bone Growth Stimulator, instead of helping fuse on the second attempt. Would this community please help me analyze anytthing im missing, Ruled out not doing anything, taking drugs rest of life that dont help, feels like nerve pain, but diagnosis includes loosening hardware and psuedoarthorisis, osteophytes,. Any of u had revision regret or know about laser treatments? Adult Stem cells? Willing to go to ends of earth - using heat, ice, sombra salve, weekly massage, special pillows at night on couch n car, neck brace, hot tub, TENS, prescribed narcotics, lyrica, cymbalta, zanaflex,

AND NOTHING MAKES IT GO AWAY!!!! So should i be confident i will heal this time? how do i know this will help after first two didnt!


  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,742
    So young. My issues are lumbar. But I'm sure one of the "neckies" will chime in soon. You have so much to decide. Good luck, Jim
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,241
    Sorry for your pain ... and equally sorry for all the thinking you need to do about your situation.

    It all sounds very complicated and I have never had surgery nor your painful situation.

    Just wanted to acknowledge you..and also tell you about the "search" on this site is pretty good.
    You may be able to find helpful info that you are looking for on former posts.

    Good luck with your decisions and I hope today gives you a break with lessened pain..if only for a moment.
    Take care!
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