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new diagnosis anterolisthesis - questions

KariKKari Posts: 2
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:58 AM in Degenerative Disc Disease
Hi everyone,

I have sero-negative arthritis (autoimmune condition). about 6 years ago I hurt my tailbone and the pain was severe. I had an x-ray and it showed arthritis at L5. The pain lasted about 4-5 months and then I went back to normal. 3 years later the pain returned but not as bad and this x-ray showed nothing (no arthritis).

I was in an MVA accident in June of this year. Immediately my back was very bad with pain going down my legs and weakness in my legs. I was sent to physio for that and other issues (whiplash and sprained ankle). I found the exercises they wanted me to do for my back hurt too much so I didn't do them and told them that. I also told them I had pre-existing arthritis. The physiotherapist said that they would bring me back to my pre-accident condition. Prior to the accident I had some pain but not too bad. I finished the course of physio and even though I said my back still hurt he told me I was healed from the accident injuries.

The insurance made me an offer and it was ridiculously low considering the amount of pain I am in. I went to my doctor and he had an x-ray taken. It showed moderate degenerate disc disease with minor anterolisthesis at L4-5.

So I went from no arthritis on x-ray 3 years ago and moderate degenerate disc disease with minor anterolisthesis today. I think that is very quick.

My questions:

1. How fast does a diagnosis such as mine show up normally?
2. I think the accident aggravated my minor arthritis and brought it to this serious state. Has anyone else had this happen from a car accident?
3. Has anyone used a lawyer to fight the insurance company? Were you successful?

Thanks in advance for any advice or information you may give me?
Sorry for the length of this post.



  • Hi Kari,

    I wish that I had a crystal ball so that I can look into your future and tell you when your problems will end.

    We are uses of this site. No one can answer your question correctly as they are not you. You give no indication of your age or location as this could play a factor in your health.

    If you stated exact wording of the diagnosis of your tests are perhaps someone like a nurse who has experience with that type of problem could translate what the x-ray or MRI means.

    Your question about the lawyer - you should contact them and let them review your case.

    Your best bet is to ask your doctor who order the studies and s/he explain what they mean.

    My general suggestion is that if you finished with PT/ you might want to try to find a place that has a heated pool - these are usually in physical therapy places. You can ask for "aqua therapy" this is unlike land therapy. The warm water will help your body. You weigh less in water. You should give it a try. You should be covered under no-fault accident insurance so it won't cost you anything out of your pocket.

    Gook luck please let all of use know what you find out from your doctor and your over all condition.

    Read some of the messages posted and you should get an idea of what the best way to post messages and the best way to get answers.
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