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zigazziga Posts: 142
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:58 AM in Depression and Coping

After reading the symptoms of anxiety I realize that I had much more anxiety than what the herniated disc was doing. My own surgeon told me you have a lot of anxiety, let's do the surgery and see what is left... he did not tell me your tingling face, arms... is from anxiety, my neurologist did not tell me either. I can not belief that after going to so many proffesionals they could not tell me that numbness in the face comes from anxiety and whole lot of other symptoms. This symptoms can be confused sometimes with other situations...




  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,241
    ...very difficult to unravel the symptoms and know what condition is causeing what.

    It can be frustrating to say the least. I don't remember if you are seeing for like anxiety or depression??

    It is a balancing act for control pain..depression.. anxiety..whatever else... Lots of work to take care of self.But worth it because you know yourself best and you just keep telling docs til you get answer.

    Like finally someone told you about anxiety, so took awhile..but now you have something to work with.. and work on.

    And thanks for sharing it because now others can learn from all you went through and you saved some frustration for others. :) It helps me a lot!
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  • I've had anxiety attacks for a long time and never took anything for them other than herbal supplements.

    After my lumbar surgery, my surgeon gave me valium for the severe muscle spasms. It was supposed to be just while I was recovering then he was going to change it back to flexiril. Well, I told him that it was also helping my anxiety attacks tremendously and could he just keep me on them for both the spasms and anxiety and he agreed. So luckily, I have some medication that works when I'm having an attack.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there Ziga.

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  • I too have some anxiety issues, but since I'm a recovering alcoholic I have to be careful about what I take, including potentially addictive meds such as Valium, which I take only under special circumstances such as my February eye surgery, for which I was premedicated with a 5 mg. Valium tablet (that dosage made me thoroughly zonked for most of the remainder of the day). A friend of mine recently suggested vitamin B complex and a herb called scullcap. I'm trying just the B complex to see if that plus a low-sugar diet will do the trick. Sugar can cause the jitters in susceptible people such as me - a low-sugar diet I was on years ago proved that in my case. I hope that'll work as well this time.

    In the case of some people including Cathie, herbs don't work as well; like all meds, it's individual. Best wishes!
  • I am quitting klonopin that for a while help my anxiety and pain but it numb my skin and also it slows me cognitively. I am still in pain from my surgery 8 month later I am doing an appointment with another surgeon to see.

    Today I went out and I was so anxious... I feel like adifferent person. I used to be anxious but I balance it with being very expresive and creative, moving a lot, dancing...

    I am so scare that the rest of my life will be this, not being able to be spontaneous and happy and always scared to be hurt. Even when somebody kisses me hi it hurts.

    I feel so much I mess my life with this surgery which I thought was needed and then my surgeon said it was prevention. I feel stupid, now I meet so much people that have herniated disc and deal with it conservative and that maybe where in more pain than me.

    I wish so much that they will be able to do a less invasive surgery to put a disc bac... (just dreaming)

    So my anxiety is because I have something inside that I feel all the time... I just don't understand why my head worked this way. Why I had a surgery when one surgeon told me that he did not know how was the surgery going to be with me because of the form of my spine. And I ask him can I get worst without the surgery he said yes and then I ask can I get better without and he said yes. So this thoughts hunt me now that I feel worst than before because I think I made a wrong decision.

    I see my bed and pajamas and I wish I could feel like mmmm I am going to sleep cozy. Is just so strange. I guess that if my surgery had been and emergency obviously I would not feel regret. I had some talents that was starting to explore and formed part of my work... Now.........

    Why did he operate me if he knew I was so depressed...? And that I was trying to avoid surgery. My disc seemed smaller in each MRI.

    I am so sorry this is the only place I can vent.

    I listen to many of you and you are all so postive must of you... how?

    I want to live... but just don't know if I can handle this.
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,241
    ...since you had your surgery...but it can take a long time to really feel better!

    You made the best decision with your doctors' advice, so really you did best you could and not feel badly about it.

    And with time, your pain and everything may still get a lot better.

    It very difficult to be patient, but time will help.

    It's good you are vent..or whatever you need.

    Then we can remind you to be patient with yourself.:)
    You did nothing wrong..and with time you may be very pleased with the results of your surgery. :)

    My friend had surgery and is finally doing great.. funny you say dancing...cause he dancing all the time again!

    Everyone so different! But I think the body needs a lot of time to I have much positive thoughts sending your way!
    Honorary Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

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  • Savage thanks for always offering support!

    I wish I could be more positive about the surgery but days before surgery I was hugging, dancing, laughing (I was not marshmallows) but I felt much more fluent. today I went to a workshop dance theater workshop and it was very painful... I can stop thinking they messed me up. If only I could laugh as I use to... but well even hi kisses hurt... I really wish I could believe what you are saying. Really, really is just to different. I was able to sleep comfty with the disc most of the time. This is horrible not being able to accept that I can not turn back time. In just 2 hours my whole life changed.

    Thanks for helping me not to blame myself. Thanks

    I wanted to help others, I used to do that in my work, and now I don't know how to do it. Really I want to belief but really it change me a lot. I was in a friend house and there was this guy sleeping in the sofa sittng down and he looked so comfortable...

    Aaaaaaa I have to stop complaining wont get meanywhere.

    Savage hope you are better!

    I know you battle with a lot of difficult stuff.

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