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2 level ACDF (C5-6-7) scheduled for Wednesday!



  • Hi PH MOm,& Judem, Hydromorhone sounds like a morphine based medication,I will be refusing come next op,if I can,depends on how brave I am on the day.I have not heard of this percocet but I guess they all have the same effect of constipation,I don't know what is worst surgery with sickness and constipation or surgery then pain with no sickness or constipation.

    It's good to see you have cut down on your meds that must be a good sign.Hows the swallowing now and your neck movements?

    Judem I see you are taking this perocet before surgery,what is it for? I assume it's a painkiller.I take tablet form Methadone with no side effects,and Baclofen for cramps.

    Either my computer is off or there is a big time difference between us I notice your post was sent at 4.18 pm and I see you are online,I'm now posting at 22.54pm and now going to sleep.

    Wishing you all well Des
  • Hi Des...
    the swallowing is MUCH better!! Truthfully, though, the first 10 days were tough. I took my pills with applesauce or yogurt, drank a lot of smoothies, ate pudding and jello, and my dear friend made split pea soup and put it in a blender (that was yummy). I still occasionally will get something stuck, but it's not often. Crying is actually what makes my throat hurt the most...and I've been an emotional wreck (I won't go into details).

    I am not supposed to be moving my neck a lot (even though I only wear my collar to ride in a car and walk in public)...but I already I seem to have more range looking to my left and leaning back...but less range looking down and looking to my right.

    My neck is still swollen on the right (where I had bone spurs removed) but the tenderness on my right shoulder in much less than it was. I still try to turn my body to look at people or when I am trying to see something...turn your body, not your head. :)

    Feel free to ask any questions...I am so happy to be 'paying it forward', as this site encouraged me and helped me so much prior to surgery.

    I will say that my pain after surgery and even now, is much less than what I expected. I have never cried from being in pain, just frustration and sadness.

    Prayers and a positive attitude!!
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  • Thank you Jan,it is good to hear how you are doing and the pain has eased, I do hope you feel better very soon,it wears us all down I think,I have my days.I too have bone spurs and I believe these are causing the restricted movement as well as pain.

    I am used to restricted movement left right and back,I was hoping to get that movement going again,looks like it will take a while.Good to see the swallowing is getting better for you, I am not looking forward to this part,although my wife says smoothies and slimfasts will do me good as I've put a little weight on just sitting around since my spine surgery.

    'm going to see my spinal surgeon on 17th jan so will hopefully find out how long I have to wait.

    Nice to hear from people who understand each other.

    Thanks Des :))) -)))

  • My appointment went well, he’s happy with how I’m progressing, has me starting physical therapy tomorrow, and I am released to drive ‘when I feel comfortable doing so.” Hurray!

    Des - hang in there. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

  • Physiotherapy should get things moving although they do take it very easy to start with,one day at a time,

    I use a TENS this really helps relax the muscles not sure if you have used these,I got mine through my physio.

    Good luck

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  • Hey Des
    it's actually called oxycocet as it is a mixture of oxycontin (small doses though) and acetametaphines - they have me on them as my arm pain has become so unbearable it is hard to function without the medications.

    the arm started back in June 2011 - then subsided to pins and needles and eventually I got to a steady point where I could function - but in October the arm pain started up again as I was waiting for surgery. Then in November it really kicked in to the point where I can barely lift my left arm and so I just go about with it tucked by my abdomen. The pain meds do help - I did try going it without them but even my NS said i needed to be on them until the surgery. And I had to agree with that :-)

    As you know I am booked in for feb 1st for my acdf c5-c7- and though its not my favorite thing to be looking forward too :-) - I am watching Jan with anticipation and optimism in her recovery as the many good things I can look forward to also.

    It is somewhat scary regardless of what they put you on or how long you are waiting. And like you - I do find these forums extremely happy when we realize we are not alone. It's ok to be scared - who really wants screws and a plate stuck in their neck :-) but if it helps - I'm a firm believer it - so let's go for it.

    Keep us posted as to when you get your confirmation - and rest assured I will keep everyone updated as my surgery and recovery progresses.

  • Hi Des...
    PT today, most just evaluation and a little deep tissue massage. They asked if I was given a Tens Unit for home use (I was not), but I love the ice and stim at the end of my treatments. Going 3 times a week for next 4 weeks, so I hope to accomplish a lot of goals in that time.

    Keep me posted on your progress - the waiting is so hard, especially when you're in pain.

  • Hi Jude like you say nobody wants hardware put in but with the forums we can see people are doing well with this surgery it will take the pressure of the joints between the vertebra so relieving our pain,I know how bad arm/arm pain can be and the waiting just seems too long to bear.I have had some relief with my arm pain at a pain clinic when the nerves were cut that travel down my right arm to my fingers (it's called denervation) this helped but my new surgeon was not happy that I had this done.
    I have my review on tuesday with the spinal unit, my back has healed well and I am glad I had the decompression and fusion.Just need my neck done now.

    Jan,Great news I find physiotherapy very relaxing I think the muscles tense up so much to protect the neck from movement they become painful,I f you do get a TENS at some point there is one restriction I found you should not do after I read the instructions (my physio did not know this) never put the pads on the side of your neck where the main artery is,I believe it is just a safety precaution.Great to see things went well for you I am sure you will benefit from this treatment.

    Good luck

    Des. :)))
  • hi Des,
    How did your consult go this week with the NS? Did you get your neck surgery scheduled??

    Still making progress and trying to encourage others...there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It's just a long tunnel. :)

  • Hi Jan,

    Didn't quite go as expected Ist of all he examined my lower spine and was pleased with the healing so far,but he was concerned about my leg pain and foot drop with muscle spasms so he asked if I could go in on 19th last thursday for a nerve block so I did this and it has helped,

    I asked about my neck and he just said one thing at a time and off he went.I am on the list but have no clue now when it will be.I also had my post op x-ray done to see how the fusion was doing but the consultant didn't have time to view it,he was running late with appointments and it showed.

    Glad to see you are still doing well keep it up.

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