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4 Level XLIF and PLIF in one month

bobbie 23bbobbie 23 Posts: 1
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:59 AM in New Member Introductions
Hi, I'm Bobbie. Having a 4 level XLIF and PLIF in one month. Anyone had a multilevel along with both procedures? especially looking for info re experience during recovery. Thank you.


  • hi and welcome to the forum! we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. i am sorry i am not familiar with your situation but i did want to say hello!! i am sure others will be by to answers your questions, spineys are very helpful!! please have a look around the forums and make yourself at home..take a look at the "Back and Neck Surgery forum" for more input!! good luck on your upcoming surgery!! be sure and follow the doctor's orders during your recovery!! you have the chance the become pain free!! stop by the forum anytime.. Jenny
  • hello and welcome
    there are some folks who have had multilevel fusions. I had 2 levels. scoliosis people usually have many levels in a row. are you having 4 in a row?

    in the back surgery section you will find whats called a "sticky" where they discuss helpful tidbits before and after surgery.

    4 level is alot wow bless your heart...i hope all goes well for you. it is A good idea if u haven't already, which i am sure you have, to get 2 or 3 opinions from different types of ortho, neurosurgeon, spine specialist. just a suggestion

    my multilevel fused but failed. you know u got a 50/50 shot and mine failed as i cont to struggle with nerve/back pain.

    i know it's not much help but 2 was what i needed so take care and keep us updated
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  • Hi. I am sure Bobbie has already had the 4 level surgery. I am 48 and had xlif and plif two level spinal fusion surgery last April. I won't say it was easy, the first month was really tough, but with each passing month it was better. I went back to work after a month, 1/2 days, and within 2 months was back working full-time as a nurse manager. It truthfully took six months to feel really good, and I do. My back hasn't felt this good since i was a teenager. I know I'm lucky because my surgery was a success story, and i want those who are facing this surgery to know it will be ok. I really didn't have a choice as to whether or not to have the surgery, my quality of life was not good, the pain was constant and I knew i needed to just do it. I had an excellent surgeon. My 4 year old grandson told me the other day "Grandma, I really like your new back." That was because i can lift him again, not that i make a habit of it, but my back is really strong again. I just hope I have given anybody facing this surgery some optimism, because when your back reaches a certain point, you really have no choice and i do not regret having the surgery at all.

    Take care

  • Hi, Patti
    Your post was most encouraging and thank you for it. I am in the midst of evaluations for the same type surgery and am still attempting to get myself educated on all the medical terms, etc., beforehand. I'm a new member and don't know all the ins and outs of forums. Is anyone allowed to mention his or her doctors' names and their clinics and/or hopitals? That information could be quite helpful.
  • I don't use the forum very often but I used it alot before i had surgery, and frankly i scared myself to death! I live in North Dakota and had a great neurosurgeon in Bismarck - I could have went to Minneapolis too - most major cities are the best bet. My insurance company referred me to him, and I really believe word of mouth from others who have been through the surgery and from an advocate at your insurance company is the way to find your best options. Definitely, do your homework on whoever you choose - it's a good idea.

    Try not to worry and over-think it, at some point you'll just have to do it and hopefully it will all work out for the best. You sound as though you are at the point I was - out of options.

    I just wanted to post encouraging words because I don't always think we hear those enough! If you need anything else just let me know. It's been a year now and it was the best thing I've ever done. I'm able to work out again, and walk and live a decent life. I have an a bad day once in awhile, but it sure beats having a bad day ever day. Take care of yourself!

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  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Thank you and thanks to all who welcomed me to the Forum. I haven't posted anything since May as I hadn't learned anything new concerning my up-coming surgery. Two of the surgeries will be on Friday, Aug. 31st (XLIF and ALIF) and the third on Tuesday, Sept. 4th (PSF). The levels will be from T9 to the ilium. I was forewarned that it will be a "big" procedure and, after researching as much as I know how, I believe it. I had a previous laminectomy fusion (October 31, 2003) from L3 - L5 with bi-lateral rods and six pedicle screws. Afterwards, I still had pain, but not quite as much. However, after several years when my condition worsened, I went to pain management clinics in Mayo (Jacksonville), Crawford Long (Atlanta) and several others with no success. I began to lean to the right a little to try to escape the pain. Eventually, I found myself bending forward almost vertically and finally decided that further surgery would be the only answer. Does anyone out there have any information or personal knowledge about these procedures? I would appreciate any help at all.
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