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Text Neck? Help

bkrissbbkriss Posts: 2
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:59 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
I have been experiencing neck problems for several months now. I believe the cause is from me sitting on my coach with my laptop on my lap and basically looking straight down at it for extensive periods of time. It started out pretty minor, but now the back of my neck feels a bit tight and very weak. It is difficult just to keep my head up and all I ever want to do is lay down as that's the only thing that makes it feel better.

Does this sound like a case of "text-neck?" Are physical therapists generally familiar with this problem and know how to treat it? Is anyone aware of ways to fix this? Is it permanent? I try my hardest not to look down anymore, but the problem hasn't gotten any better. Any help or advice will be much appreciated.


  • That might be a place to start. Your neck muscles could be "angry" at you because of the long period of abuse and could be in spasms. We're not doctors and don't know what's going on for real in your neck. You could try applying heat or cold to see if either provides relief. You might want to go on a site about ergonomics to learn more about appropriate ways to set up your computer to reduce the impact on your neck.

    Your doctor could refer you to a physical therapist. There are some exercises that might help, as might massage or other things they might do.

    Since it has been going on a long while I still would suggest seeing your doctor.
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  • Always best to have the Dr check it out first. Once he gives you the "okay" a PT is definitely your next step. This is what they do, but you need to be dedicated and do the exercises they give you. Certain yoga classes can also help you regain proper posture and stretch your muscles properly.

    Good luck and take care!
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  • Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.
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  • How about tossing the laptop out the window and not use it for a few months?

    I bet it will cure your neck by geting out and exercise and save a dr visit and posible future surgery,

    Unless its a persons job to work on the computer and they have to adjust there position at work to save there neck and back, The home use of siting on the couch with laptop is optional,

    The epedemic of people siting for hours on facebook and then all day texting there friends created this young people to develope neck and back strains,

    How can they fix it, STOP. I have a cell phone and i never text anyone yet and never will, If they want to talk they can call, Yes it has a talk feature also these cell phones, Imagine that, who would of known,

    Take a break from the laptop see if it gets beter, and if it does then use it only very short time and put it where its on a desk so you can look up or at least straight ahead,

    But i like the toss it out the window idea beter, Good luck,
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