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35yr DDD can I argue for surgery instead injections Pls Help !!



  • Ash,
    It sounds like you have two problems the pinched nerve and DDD which as yet are being treated as two separate issues; you mention them as one problem and as yet have no diagnosis or evidence that supports that suggestion. It may well be that time may link them in the future and you have to deal with what you have now, rather than what it might be. Ron’s advice was good in that without surgery which you say you do not want or has been offered, conservative treatments are your best option until diagnostic evidence suggests otherwise.

    Many here have unexplained pain and limited evidence and still all the pain symptoms, the only option for pain at this stage is to manage it more effectively and if what you are doing or have done is not working then many more things are possible.

    5 years is a long time to have these symptoms, the best known management is a “simultaneous range of treatments used together ” they are suggested to be more effective when used all at the same time than individually, the people here have been where you are now, you need to be open to ideas and change itself, you do mention trying some other treatments, can you tell us what they will be and what you expect to happen. If we all just wait for the doctor to find our solution we are not doing all that we could to help ourselves.

    Take care and tell us what your next step is, we do understand, I have had chronic pain for 22 years, with titanium rods and a fusion. Ron has had pain for 30 years perhaps, that’s 50 years of experience.

  • I have now been diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis L4/L5, also have fracture of pars joint, also now have a herniated disc which goes up into the space were the vertabrea has slipped. Also my ddd has become much worse. Most days i am unable to get out of be & struggle terrible when I do. I have had all the pills avail non steriod, anti-inflamitory, nerve tables, pain killers, physical threapy, cortisone injection (done by live x-ray in theatre)My surgeon seem to think after a recent xray & yet another mri booked its looking like im going to need surgery :-(

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