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Good news - bad news

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
edited 06/11/2012 - 9:00 AM in Chronic Pain
The good news is - a lot of my pain issues as far as joints is all figured out. The bad news is that the good news sucks. :)
Rheumatoid Arthritis every little where. Every single joint is moderatly to majorly afflicted (hot as my doc calls them) except the one right shoulder joint in which they scraped it out while they were in there messing with other parts and fixing them.
This doc says I MUST stop drinking altogether because of the mix of meds I will be on. I just don't see it happening. The weekend gig has been working out really well, and now after getting used to weekends after drinking nightly for about 30 years - they think your gonna bag it completely??!! What the hell... I enjoy it too much for that. Matter of fact, I had to work today (FRIDAY) who the hell works on fridays?? Anyway, I'm blowing this dump shortly and headed to my favorite Chili's for a few icy cold brewski's and some hot and spicy chow chow! Don't get much better than that now does it! Hope you'all have a grooviliscious weekend!!!


  • What weekend gig do you do? Sorry i am not sure what it is you do, dont remember reading about your job and such,

    But i would assume if you mean gig as a job of either musician or singer is only thing that comes to mind, How does drinking come with the gig?

    Who works on friday,s.? Just about everyone i know works friday for its a work week,

    You drinking nightly for 30 years you have more serious of a problem then just arthritis honey!

    I am not sure of your age but guessing if you been drinking for 30 years legaly makes you no spring chicken ,

    So if you think dr asking you to stop drinking is a problem you wont be happy if you end up on a liver transplant list and dr refuses to take you because of alcohol abuse,

    I am a litle disturbed by you making drinking such priority above your health,
    Sounds a litle crazy if you ask me,

    I would say if you cant bag it as you say then maybe time for rehab and then continue the search for pain control,

    I am a musician and love to drink as the next person but pain management is priority over drinking,

    And i would not even deal with anyone in my band who drinks every day for 30 years for how would that be good for any gig,

    I dont mean to sound harsh but not sure how i could clean it up for you i am sure you are aware many of us give up drinking for the beter good,

    So your post sounds a litle selfish making drinking such a priority,

    Have a great weekend and we will have intervention ready for you monday morning lol,

    Best wishes,
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  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,742
    Marion was trying to quit drinking altogether. She drank beer nightly for 30 yrs. 7 nights a week. But not abusively or in huge amounts. It became too much a part of her life. And alcohol dosen't mix well with meds. So she decided to quit.
    She succeeded for a while. But said she really enjoyed the week end bar get togethers with her buddies and their beer. Hence, week end beer and buddying "gig"
    True, I don't think she should drink too much. Because of the mixing of meds and alcohol in large amounts can be dangerous. But I don't know what amount she consumes in a week end.
    I was cheering for her too quit all together. But that is a personal choice.
    If you knew her better. I think you would have clicked "Delete" on that post. And I don't think you want any part of her being pissed off at you!!!
    Like I said, I was rooting for her to quit. But she made a personal choice and you gotta respect that.
    I made a personal choice Christmas day 1980 And haven't had a drink scince then. But I sure don't look down on her for her personal choice.
    Click my name to see my Medical history
    You get what you get, not what you deserve......I stole that from Susan (rip)
    Today is yours to embrace........ for tomorrow, who knows what might be starring you in the face!
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  • I don't mean to lecture you and I'm not talking down to you, but I'm very concerned about your mixing booze and pain meds, because the first thing that came to mind when I read your post was what happened to Judy Garland and others who mixed them - they all died from it.Like oil and water, booze and pills of this type do not mix, and I too wonder if a rehab might be in order for you (and then AA). You posted not too long ago that you figured you'd spent a lot of money ($200, if I remember correctly, and I think I do) on booze.

    I wanted to "talk" to about this partly because I'm in recovery from alcoholism. Only by the grace of God, I'm 23 1/2 years sober. Before I stopped drinking I turned it over completely to that power greater than myself (it doesn't have to be God), and he took the desire to drink away completely; haven't had any desire since, whether I'm around it or not, and I can still clearly remember my doctor, when I was 15 months sober, agreeing with my statement that I could be one drink from fatal cirrhosis. Marion, you don't know how far you are from that, either, and you'd said something about your liver function test being abnormal. So please, please take care of oyurself. Your loved ones will appreciate that, too; they'd sure hate to lose you. Love 'n >:D< , Ess
  • I understand your concern but i cant agree with you on how such issue needs to be handled,

    I am all about suport and all but is making excuses for someone who clearly says they dont want to stop drinking because they enjoy it too much realy helping?

    Drinking 7 days a week for 30 years and not having the ability to stop and change that even when its reached a point where its causing a health issue and liver test as was menrioned that i was not even aware when i posted ,that liver test already showing some bad results,

    What is wrong with calling it what it is? I dont believe in sugar coating anything in life,
    It is what it is, How does sugar coating any of our problems help anyone!

    It dont, I always believe in being as foreward and up front about everything and anything and not beat around the bush,

    And i think if everyone would do the same it would save a lot of time geting to the root of the problem,

    My point is this, If someone is dependent on alcohol there is no such thing as just a litle dependent, Its having an alcohol issue which needs some rehab if a person cant do it on there own,

    And saying i dont want to stop because i enjoy it too much after 30 years and Dr saying stop, Person 1 st has to want to stop and that is not even close to what she said in her post,

    So is the reason i pointed out what it is and not what it is not, If she dont want to stop then nobody can help her anyways,

    And thats a fact, So at least i am honest about pointing that out, And i am not trying to hurt her feelings by any means, But sometimes the truth can be painfull and emotions can run high,

    But the end of the day the truth and honest direct responce can be the best advise a person can ever receive on most issues in life,

    So i will take my chances Jim and hope she realises how selfish that sounds saying Dr wants me to stop drinking as if!

    My dad had a liver transplant and he did not even drink, So what i said about if liver issues arise i know for a fact they will not even consider anyone with alcohol issues if they cant stop drinking,

    They wont waste a liver for someone to abuse and destroy the liver transplanted when others are on the list a mile long to live,

    So again i dont mean to sound harsh and in no way here to hurt her feelings,

    But its posible from the sound of it a Wake up call is in order, And its posible she will take this as an insult, And i would say if she does then she is clearly not ready to face reality,

    If she gets angry she can call me a few names and this and that, But thats ok as long as she dont call me late for dinner!

    Best wishes,
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  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,813
    Alex, I can see what you are trying to say and understand the seriousness of the situations you are talking about.

    I can not judge anyone if they are doing good or bad, right or wrong. I've done both myself, so who am I to say differently.

    I do have to agree with Jim. I've gotten to know Marion and she is a straight shooter, holds no punches, but is honest and cares. She has been going through a big ordeal, put aside our medical and spinal problems, cause we all have them or we wouldnt be here.
    I give her tons of credit of what she has been trying to do and has done so much of.

    I know its hard so many times to understand what some one is writing. But here is one time, I will say, we all need to listen to the heart and not just the words that have been posted.

    Marion, stay the course that is best for you. And with RA, its not an easy path, I know several who have to deal with it. It can almost be like our roller coaster rides, you never know when there is going to be an up or down time.

    You will handle it.
  • Thanks guys for clearing my life up for me – I had no idea it was so easy! I’m going to see the RA doc this Thursday and go thru the different medicines to see which would be best I guess. Gotta do something. I am waking up about ten times during the night with my hands and arms numb, but that pins and needles pain thing and actually crying until I hang them a certain way and shake them and it starts going away. God it’s awful. I dread even going to sleep!
    Obviously most of you know about my drinking gig – and yes I am working on it. Selfish? Hmmm, I don’t know about that – a problem perhaps, but one that I enjoy and have for many years. Has it caused me issues in my life? Not really, other than this one – medicines combining with alcohol may not work out so well. Do I enjoy drinking? Hell yes, otherwise – why would I do it so often?
    Speaking of other “gigs” such as playing guitar and singing – well now Alex, that IS a big problem! My fingers do not want to work anymore so that takes quite a bit of fun out of the guitar playing!
    Working Fridays? Maybe most of the world does, I generally work 4 10 hour shifts so I have Friday or the weekends off, or I work a 5/4/9 with every other Friday off – because I can! Because I’ve worked for the same employer for 33+ years and that is one of the benefits Alex. Does that answer your question? NOW however, I can’t do that – because I cannot make my damn hands and body work in the mornings so it takes me forever to get ready and struggle in to work! I used to be here at 5:30 in the morning, now I’m up at 4:30 and am lucky to get in here by 9 or 10 because I hurt so GD bad, that is the best I can do.
    Hope that clears it all up! Yeah, I’m a little pissy today to say the least. I could cut these damn hands off right at the wrists and be happier I think!
    On a good note, I heard rumor that once again, early retirement letters are being sent out in the next couple of weeks so I am praying this time around – my group is included!!! Nothing could make me happier than to say good-bye to this pit for the rest of my life!!!
    Thanks for all the encouraging responses from my buddies! I may need to be more careful about posting if it’s gonna result in a big ass chewing from other peeps. Jeez… Calm down already.
  • Lol. Ok mouse its clear now,

    I can see clearly now the rain is gone, Its gonna be a bright, bright sunshiney day!

    But you are not talking your way out of intervention here lol

    I believe in tough love,

    I rented a scs that will shock the hell out of you every time you want to have a drink,
    Kind of like shock thearapy!

    I am here to help you and you going to like it damn it,

    Good luck with the dr appointment, Git-ir-done
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • So sorry to hear the ole joints are locking up on you. Better drink while you can still pick up a beer can GF!!

    What you do in your private life is your business.....that is until you post it on a forum like SH and then it becomes everyones business. But I must say you handle the nay sayers really well.

    I do not drink myself but just because I get pee faced very quickly.(one drink and I am passed out!!) Then the next day I have my head in the toilet up chucking everything I ate in the past 2 weeks and everything I had plans to eat!! That is really no fun!! So I am happy to leave the drinking to you and others and I do not think any less of you for it!

    I do hope the new meds work and perhaps you will be in a lot less pain. That would be really good news!!

    Take care of yourself my "hot" jointed friend.

    Cheers :H
    Patsy W
  • Hi Mouse :wave: Long time no talk ;)

    I am so sorry for everything you have & are going through. I have carpel tunnel and wake up in the night needing to shake my hands as of the horrible pins & needle pain. I can only image how bad your pain is :(

    At times my hand braces do help, I am assuming you have tried these?

    RA!!!!! Like Ron said, we know how our body will act most of the times, but with RA I never know how the day will go. I have yet to find any pain relief from my RA. I have it in my spine, knees (until I had them replaced that is lol), hips and hands.

    Are you new to meds for RA? Are any working for you?

    I forget what you do job wise (sorry), but hopefully you will get to finally kick back and not have a full time job working to go to your full time job to work ;)

    L1 - S2 "gone" useless in 1 way or another. DDD. RA. Bone Spurs. Tons of nerve damage/issues. Stenosis. Both knees replaced. 50 yrs old. I had a great fall (hence my user name) at age 41 and it has been a domino effect every since.
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