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What decision do you regret



  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,519
    though I think I have too many decisions that I have regretted over the years when it came to my medical situation.

    I can't come up with one single item that I regret, but I can say without a doubt that I have regretted that I did NOT do the following after surgery:

    - Adhere to Limitations and Restrictions
    - Keep up with approved exercise programs
    - Take care in the way I worked
    - and much more

    From my early 20's until my late 40's, I think I tried either to excuse, avoid or deny so many of my spinal problems.

    Perhaps if I had done better, I wouldn't have had so many follow on problems
  • some small affairs. I will regret it for times. such as buying an shirt or shoes. but in big affairs , I won't regret what I have make. and I will stick it to the end.
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  • Well said Ron - my sentiments exactly!
    2 x Microdiscectomy 2005 / PLIFusion 2-level 2010 / revision surgery 2011 / NEVRO Senza spinal cord stimulator implanted February 2013. I WILL NOT GIVE IN / UP !!
  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,772

    My life for the past 15 or so years?

    Yeah ... thats a start



  • Hi, I have been trying to find out about hardware removal and what has happened after removal on so many sites and I just happened to stumble on this one for which I am thankful.

    March 2010-had spinal fusion L4-L5; subsequently developed a staph infection in the right side incision; hardware. PICC line for 6 weeks with antibiotics. Have had continuous low grade fevers but white count and CED rate normal. Have continuous pain on right side, original surgery was to help the pain on the left. Have been on and off oral pain meds for three years.

    My doctor and I decided we should remove the hardware at the two year mark and it is scheduled for March 20. I have good bone growth in the area. I am really scared as the first surgery and recovery nearly killed me, weakness, weight loss, and pain.

    Did you have a good experience with the removal of your hardware? Was it a long surgery? How long were you in the hospital? How are you feeling now?

    My doctor feels there may be some residual staph around the hardware on the right even though other than low grade fevers, all of my tests show there is no infection. My husband is supportive but other family members do not want me to have this done. So, I told them I had postponed but will go ahead anyway.

    Scared and in pain.
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  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,741
    I know what you mean Jon. I know it didn't make a difference. But if you would have "rocked the boat" Now that would have made a difference.
    It's a shame, but some times you have to do things and just laugh all of the way to the bank. :))( Or, cry all the way to the bank, as the case might be! :''(
    They don't give a crap if hurts or not! ~X(
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    You get what you get, not what you deserve......I stole that from Susan (rip)
    Today is yours to embrace........ for tomorrow, who knows what might be starring you in the face!
  • i have always tried to live my life without regret or some sort of woulda, coulda, shoulda. That has really changed over the past 5 years.

    1. I would have pressed the military for a real problem, truly documented, with proper tests and treatments documented in my records.

    2. I would have not accepted medical separation from the military rather, I would have pressed for the proper passage of medical retirement.

    3. I would have pressed my superiors to recognize what I had done to save those lives rather than just blow-off my problems with a "get over it" position.

    4. I would have sought treatment for PTSD while still in the military so that I would not have to fight the VA for recognition of the problem.

    5. I would have stayed with the VA processes for the 20 years rather than get frustrated and go to private physicians for treatment. I would have done private in tandem with VA so that it was documented by the VA.

    6. I would have demanded the proper studies (MRI, CT, and neuro-studies) rather than a xray, a pill, and a pat on the head.

    7. I would have demanded proper treatment, proper meds and rehab rather than self-treatment with alcohol.

    8. I would have gone with a fusion once everything else failed rather than a lamenectomy which failed, slipped, and did more damage prior to the fusion 4 months later.

    9. I would have sought mental and physical treatment through the VA faster when other parts of my spine began to fail. I would have made sure the VA was engaged holistically.

    10. I would have followed my recovery needs rather than continuing to push myself to pain and failure resulting in more drinking and meds, resulting in destroying my career of 15+ years.

    Finally, I would have re-engaged with my family much sooner, helping them grow, meet their needs, and accomplish their dreams.

    I do not regret my life, I am just disappointed with the way it has progressed. Today I am trying to live... it is a new goal for 2012 as I spent 2009-2011 just sitting, waiting,, and wanting to die.

  • x2

    Vetted more surgeons ...but also acting sooner with surgery.
    Jun 2011 -TLIF @L5-S1
    Mar 2012 -NonUnion @L5S1
    May 2012 -Multi Level Discography
    July 2012 -XLIF 2Cages @L3L4/L4L5
    Aug 2012 -All New Hardware @L34L45/L4L5/L5S1
    Mar 2013 -FBSS = Pain Management until they figure it out.
  • What do I regret regarding my back pain:

    1) Younger not being more vocal with the doctors about how bad the pain was.

    2) Allowing other people's perception of my pain influence my understanding of it.

    3) Hiding my pain for 2-3 years from my parents to avoid the disagreements that it caused.

    4) Having to quit activities I loved to do. But I guess I had to...
  • My number one regret would be 'signing off' on a car accident because I was too young to understand that my injuries could have life long implications, but what can you do?

    My second regret would be putting off going on long term disability because I thought that my workplace could not possibly survive without me! I had already given up everything I loved to do, so obviously my priorities were a little muddled!

    Other than that, I have NO regrets about being as proactive as I have been because it has given me the strength to keep fighting this battle, and some of the craziest treatments/procedures have given me the best, albeit temporary, relief.


    "Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.” ~ Unknown Author
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