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1 year post op Neck Fusion Surgery question



  • Hi All,

    I had to shower last night lol. I couldn't stand it lol. I removed my incision bandage after I got out of the shower becasue it got a a little wet. Not the best shower in the world, but boy it felt real good to wash my hair!

    I put a nice gauze patch for post-op surgeries and used this not so great tape, but it held in place all night.

    Woke up today and showerd. God how a simple shower makes a difference lol. I removed the gauze patch after my shower and tapped the incision site tape. I didn't put a gauze wrapping or anything on my incision site. I basically am letting the air hit it now.

    I need to get to my local CVS pharmacy to get a waterproof bandage for when I do a quick shower at night.

    Okay now the most important part of my post, how im feeling lol! I am doing much, much better :). My neck is a little sore as im moving more today. I need to get my neck back in motion. I mean I am fused, but I am still "babying" my neck.

    I hope when I am posting everyday, others will feel more comfortable if they need to get their hardware removed. It is really not that bad. The worst thing that anyone can do, is not eat. Yes eat soft and cool foods. Italian ice and ice cream really helps the throat. I am still a little sore in my throat, but it is sooo much better. In order for your body to get better at recovery, it is important to eat. Eating helps the body heal. The swallowing is honestly not that bad. I drank lots of water too. Drinking lots of water flushed all the medications out of the system. The urine may smell and that is because of the medications. Just keep at it.

    Also another trick I tried was Halls cough drops. They really helped me because of the cooling and anesthetic aspect of the drop. The warming cough drops are okay but for a full effect of relief, get the regular extra cooling ones.

    Trust me, once the hardware is removed, you will feel soo much better. The recovery from this is not too bad. I have read horror stories and such about the hardware removal. Everyone is different. But if you are determined to get yourself better, the worst thing to do is feel sorry for yourself. I have been there and done all of that with the initial ACDF surgery I had in 2010!

    I look at myself now and then. If I would have known then what I know now, I wouldn't have done or let the surgery effect like it did. I had panic and anxiety attacks and was on medication. I one day picked myself up and said I was not going to let this surgery or my accident overcome me. Do I still have anxiety and panic attacks of course I do. But I do a breathing technique to stop it. Hell, I had at least 5 panic attacks when I had my hardware removed thursday. I stopped them right away!

    Like I say to my friends, this part of my life chapter is closed. I am ready to see what the new one has in store for me :). Lets hope the next chapter is better that the first :).

    Hope you all have a fabulous day. I'll be back tomorrow again :).


  • Hi All,

    It has been a good day today. I took my "gauze" bandage off for good on monday and haven put anything on since then. I called my surgeon's office yesterday to see how to care for the incision site. It is easy to forget from the original surgery. They said that I can leave the bandage off and not put anything on the incision site. I was told if the steri strips dont come off by tomorrow (wednesday) then to take them off. I did just that tonight. I took the steri strips off and the incision doesn't look too bad.

    All in all, I am doing really well. I am moving my neck around more and even drove a few places. I am not going to limit myself to places I wan tto go. I know I said I wasn't comfortable driving, but that was 2 days after this surgery. Now I am almost a week post op and am doing sooo good :). Swallowing is much easier but there still feel like there is a little something there. Sneezing is a funny visual lol. I sneeze normal and my incision area feel weird lol.

    I took such good care of myself and helped myself recover and get better.

    Now it is time to relax and lay down.

    Night all and take good care of yourselves!

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  • I am so glad you are feeling better! Keep up the good work and enjoy how well you feel!

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    i had c5/6 acdf surgery 2weeks ago ive had a headache for two days is that normal n what causes it

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