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mid back pain

HootiesHHooties Posts: 2
edited 06/11/2012 - 9:01 AM in New Member Introductions
Hi I am new to this site, but not to back pain. I will tell you my story and current plight and see where this goes. I am a 34 yr. old female - 135lbs. - non-smoker - very fit and active. I work as a barber in a very fast paced enviroment. I had a ADR on L5-S1 on Novermber 17th. Lower back pain for 2 1/2 years progressivly worsened. Surgery is a great sucess. I no longer have thigh, butt, or hip pain. I rarely have any lower back pain. If I do it is from the surgery. Not bothersome. Approx. 1-2 weeks before surgery my middle back t-10 - t-12 (mostly left side) area would start to hurt at work. The pain would then diminish shortly after work and 10 min sit down rest. The pain would only come back while working. I chaulked it up to muscles and blew it off. I figured I was doing some compensating for my lower back. Well the pain stayed gone until my return to work at the begining of Febuary. (By the way anyone need info or anything on ADR just let me know. Recovery was difficult). I have been seeing a PT since surgery. He has been a great help.

Past - acupuncture - PT - exercise - massage - self trigger point therapy - TP injections

To date - I have been doing dry needling for about 3 weeks -trigger point massage as I can afford it - PT sessions have just been reduced to once every 2 weeks. Tens unit while working.

Since dry needling has begun my back is changing. I used to be able to feel pain to touch right at the site. I used to use the thera cane for trigger point therapy and no longer have to because there is no pain when you push on the spot. Although my back has started to ache level 2-3. Constant. It did not do this before I started to DN. This pain always seems to worsen when I am at work throughout the day. Arms above head - twisting - etc. I know work is what is causing the pain to be worse. It is hard to get the pain level down once it has flared. A good nights sleep and the pain has diminished greatly. When it really flares up it is a stabbing pain centralized on the left side of the spine. 7 8 pain scale. It feels like its the spina erector muscles. When not flared up it just an annoying ache. I also have some pain between the shoulder blades and on the sides of lower back. These issues don't bother me as much.

I have been thinking and treating this as a muscular issue. I see my OS at the end of the month and will be requesting an MRI and CT scan. Unfortunatley my insurance is no longer covering him. He will see me for free until I am cleared from my surgery, but may have to refer me elsewhere for my middle back. I am only working 5 hrs a day 4 days a week, and it is pure agony. I cannot work longer due to the pain. I wear my tens at work, but can only tolerate that for a shor period. I do take meds when needed. Maybe once a week when the pain gets real bad, or I'm just sick of dealing with it. I do not like taking them. I feel like I finally fixed one problem and another crops up. This pain sucks and I don't know how much longer I can work. This is so fustrating and depressing. I just want my life back. I am not sure if I am on the right track with the muscle stuff, but I know thoracic problems like a herniated disc are not common. My PT does not know what to do. I will continue to dry needle until I see the doc.(She is very trained and thinks we are slowly fixing things) Any help or comments are greatly welcome.

Sorry if I posted anything wrong.



  • hi and welcome to the forum! we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. is there any chance that these muscles are just now coming into play in your work after surgery??? perhaps with the surgery, your muscles are a bit weak and you need to stregthen them. i don't believe you will need both an MRI and a CAT scan at the same time though..your doctor will be able to tell you which is best for muscle viewing and the procedure you need.. good luck as you search for pain relief! i hope you find relief soon! Jenny :)
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