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Botox for pain?



  • Each series (8 to 10 injections each series) I would get better and better relief. After a year I no longer needed them and have not had a need for them since. Last ones were done in 2007.

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    Now that's worth checking out. I'm going to ask my PM Dr.
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  • Jim, I believe Botox was for pain when it first came out. And like so many other things it found it's way to plastic surgeons!
    But Jim please do not use it in your face!!You will look strange coz your face will not move!! The only thing that will move when you smile is your lips!! People with Botox in their face look really funny.

    Cueers :H
    Patsy W
  • Hi all! I just joined and want to comment on botox. Last year (2011) at the VA my nuerologist asked me to try botox injections in the muscles behind my neck around my affected area (c6-c7). The first time I thought I felt some relief from the constant pain, but it was short lived or I re-injured the area.

    6 mths. or so later I was given another round in the same general area but slightly different injection locations. No luck that time.

    Now I mostly live with the pain in my neck, feet and hands as I moved to MA and have no health insurance or VA coverage.
    Hopefully I get a job soon with insurance and/or get out of pain so i can work more effectively.

    I really am inspired by the many great posts on this forum regarding pain and neck issues. I hope like some of you that have found relief and/or have been cured that i too will find some of that.
  • At my VA visit last Friday they said they were going to refer me for botox treatment. I still have very tense muscles in the back of my neck and shoulders since I had posterior fusion surgery in September, 2010. I will post any results of this treatment.
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  • I know a lady that gets botox injections for migraines. I asked my pain doc if he does botox and he said yes. I haven't tried it yet. I need to see if my ins will cover it and if medicare will too. I would be willing to try it. If you think about it, it should work good. Sounds good to me. If you get it done you have to keep us posted. Good luck.
  • I had my first series of botox injections about one month ago. They started with the lowest dose to be safe. I haven't noticed anything different at all in my level of neck discomfort. I have a follow-up appointment next week and also in about two months. I will try a stronger dose at the October appointment, in hopes for some relief. I will post again then about the experience.
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